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MBUK to test the One-Forty 7.900

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MBUK to test the One-Forty 7.900

The MBUK test crews has a closer look at the One-Forty 7.900 our top end 140mm travel trail bike and had ‘tons of fun’.

In particular the top notch spec package ‘The One-Forty has some impressive kit hung from its frame for the price...’, the impressive suspension action ‘Any concerns we might have had about the mid-range shock were short lived – it proved impressive over small bumps and the CTD lever made it easy to adjust the low speed compression damping to suit the trail gradient.’ and the well balanced ride ‘…the show giving plenty of support…making for easy climbing and ever rowdier descending.’ were pointed out by the test crew. 

Good value and tons of fun…’ 

To read the full review make sure you grab the Summer issue of MBUK from your local news stand or download the PDF here.

For the full spec and geometries please check the One-Forty 7.900 page.