The TT-bike of the Bahrain McLaren UCI World-Tour team is called TIME WARP TT. It is the stiffest, lightest and fastest MERIDA time trial bike ever developed. It has been a long process to bring this new weapon which was designed for shaving-off seconds during the fight against the clock to production bike level. Several CFD runs and wind tunnel sessions were required to make the TIME-WARP one of the most aerodynamic bikes in the world. But besides being ultra-effective when it comes to chasing the clock, we wanted to create a bike that is not just the perfect tool for a UCI World-Tour team, but also suitable for Ironman triathlon competitions. We have completed this mission by adding two dedicated TIME WARP TRI triathlon bikes to the line-up, which are based on the TT frame-set used by the Bahrain McLaren World-Tour team. 

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