For our e-road bikes, we are using the trusted MAHLE ebikemotion X35+ motor and battery system that is renowned for its compact size, low weight and an extremely natural riding feeling when delivering assistance as well as when cruising above the 25 km/h maximum support level. All these aspects make our MAHLE equipped bikes feel almost like non-assisted bikes when going beyond the support level. The rear hub motor has almost no drag when not engaged and keeps the silhouette of the bike as 'non-e-bike' as possible. The intelligent software of the system offers the opportunity to set the support levels at usage-specific levels, allowing, for example, a road bike set-up to be distinctively different to a more urban configuration - ideal to give our three different e-road bikes the unique set-up their primary 'playgrounds' require.



The rear hub MAHLE motor system X35+ offers 40 Nm of smooth and easy to use support and is powered by a 250 Wh internal battery. The system gives our e-road bikes an almost 'non-e-bike' silhouette while delivering natural and almost drag-free paddling assistance.


To keep the cockpit as clean as possible, we have placed the iWOC on/off switch on the top tube. This location makes it perfect for reaching it in every riding condition. MAHLE's iWOC switch is not just an on/off switch but the rider can also toggle between the different support level by pressing the button. Different colours of the ring indicate at which level the system is running. Due to the combination of on/off and switching levels in one device the bike has a sleek and clean appearance, especially around the cockpit area. For an even cleaner look, the cables are routed through the headset directly into the frame. This means no e-motor cables at the front end of the bike.


The battery is the heart of the MAHLE ebikemotion system. It is not only the fuel tank for the power supply; it is also the brain of the whole system. The control unit for the rear hub is also located in the thin battery casing. While the 250 Wh capacity doesn't sound like a lot in the first instance, the weight and the efficiency of the rear hub engine, in combination with the riding style of an e-road bike, the battery has enough capacity to have a long day in the saddle. And should the integrated battery prove to be not sufficient for an extra-long outing, then a 208 Wh range extender, that can be mounted to the frame like a water bottle, will make sure that there is plenty of juice in the tank.