24 nov. 2022

MERIDA to support the Arrow Trails Magstadt

The 'Arrow Trails' are a trail project near MERIDA's R&D Centre in Magstadt, Germany, and in order to support the local trail builders in their ambition to create some well-sculptured legal trails that are the perfect place to work on your riding and jumping skills, we have gotten involved as the main partner.  

The 'Arrow Trails' project was launched by committed locals in 2015 and has seen multiple building stages over the years. Finally, in 2020, after countless hours of route planning and coordination with the authorities, the Arrow Trails could be opened to the public and have enjoyed great popularity ever since. The challenging jump trails with two lines for different skill levels (intermediate skill level & pro level) offer a multitude of jumps and berms as well as an impressive start tower. By constantly improving and modifying the lines, the construction team aims to create something unique and ongoing for the community.

MERIDA is passionate about supporting this great project in order to make it easier for committed young cyclists from the region to build trails and create the ideal conditions for appropriate trail action. Not coincidently, the Arrow Trails offer fantastic test, film and photo shoot possibilities for the latest generation of ONE-SIXTY long travel bikes.

To get the action and perhaps find some inspiration for your own trail-building follow the Arrow Trails team on instagram.