2 maj 2023

Exploring the tracks of Norway

Riding your bike means different things to different people. For some, it is the need to push their body and measure themselves against others; for others, a way to stay fit and healthy or simply just a way to get around. For Martine Fon, it is a way to relax, explore and recharge. As a former professional rider, she used to love the raw challenge that competitive cycling brought to her life, but now, working in the highly stressful and demanding field of being a nurse in emergency psychiatry, riding her bike has taken a completely different meaning. Jumping on her eSILEX after yet another challenging shift gives her a chance to decompress, recharge her batteries, stay in shape for her working day and explore the beautiful country lanes and gravel roads her native Norway has to offer.  

Her e-powered eSILEX gives her the opportunity to go further afield and discover the path unknown, even when time is limited.

To find out more about the eSILEX, please click here.

Video created by Say Mahalo