12 maj 2023

Bike of the Year Winners: ONE SIXTY and ONE FORTY top BikeRadar’s Enduro and Trail picks

Having one bike top the hotly contested MBUK and BikeRadar Bike of the Year test is an achievement, but to have two bikes win is almost unheard of – but the ONE-SIXTY 6000 and ONE-FORTY 700 have managed just that, taking victory in their respective categories.

In an impressive validation of our MERIDA team’s design and execution of this new platform, both bikes came out on top of their respective categories after a months-long testing program that included a highly competitive field of 32 different bikes across four categories. 

The carbon-framed ONE-SIXTY 6000 took victory in the Enduro category, while its aluminium-framed sibling the ONE-FORTY 700 topped the Trail bike category. No bike brand has ever had their bikes win both the Enduro and the Trail bike categories in the same year, so we are very proud of this achievement, which stands as a testament to the design thinking, innovation and quality of this platform and the concepts we have introduced with these bikes. 

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The bikes tested are the 2022/23 ONE-SIXTY 6000 and the ONE-FORTY 700.