19 maj 2023

Behind the brand: Markus Kopp, Content Manager/Creator for Video and Photo

Taking our bikes from a design concept to a product that’s ready to ride takes a huge team effort. While all our roles are very different, one thread that connects us all is our shared love of bikes and the places they can take you, which is why we’d like to introduce a few of the people that work behind the scenes at MERIDA.

While creating robust, fun-to-ride and aesthetically pleasing bikes is obviously a very important part of what we do, letting people know about them with inspiring content is important too. Enter Markus Kopp, our Content Manager/Creator for Video and Photo. As he says, his job is all about “creating all kinds of video content. This ranges from short product videos for social media to entire image videos for the brand. From finding a concept to the delivery at the end. Everything is involved”.

As well as being handy behind the lens of a camera, Markus is no slouch on the bike either, with his chosen discipline of enduro riding being what gets him fired up: “I like it when it gets difficult and the heart starts pumping. Steep trails and jumps get me excited”.

It’s no surprise that his chosen MERIDA bike is the hard-hitting ONE-SIXTY, a bike that he helped put through its paces before it was launched to the public: “It is one of the first ONE-SIXTY carbon prototypes we had in-house. I added a coil shock, mainly for an even more sensitive rear end. I'm really excited about the tube mount option at the bottom of the top tube. It looks nice and clean”. As you’d expect, aesthetics are important to Markus, so the little details are important: “My latest addition was the MERIDA sticker, as the prototype frames come without a finished paint job.”

While picking his favourite bike is easy, picking his favourite experience on this bike is less so: “That's a difficult question to answer. I already had many cool trips with that bike. The best one was racing The MERIDA Ex Enduro in the UK. Good vibes, nice people, awesome trails - and I got second in the end!” 

An easier question to answer is the favourite riding spot he’s been to – Nelson in British Colombia, Canada: “Even though I was only there for a few days, the memories of the trails remain in my mind as if it were yesterday.”

North America continues to score highly on his to-do dream riding list, with a big roadtrip exploring the trails in Colorado with his brother being what he wants to do next: “Just biking, camping and having a good time.”

You can keep up with Markus by following him on Instagram here.