22 juni 2023

The new SCULTURA ENDURANCE GR - ready for gravel racing

While perhaps the youngest discipline that has developed in the cycling world over the last few years, gravel riding has seen unprecedented growth. But despite its youth, within the gravel world, there is not just the camp of adventure and bike-packing enthusiasts but also a growing demand for more race-focused gravel bikes.

For a while, the lines between road and gravel have started to blur, and the SCULTURA ENDURANCE has occupied that space by providing a comfortable yet sporty geometry, ample tyre clearance and SCULTURA-inspired speed. But to turn the perfect basis of the SCULTURA ENDURANCE into a fast gravel racer, we created the SCULTURA ENDURANCE GR.

With the introduction of the SCULTURA ENDURANCE GR, alongside the proven SILEX, we now have the right machine for every gravel rider and racer: the SCULTURA ENDURANCE GR for the race-focused rider tackling less demanding surfaces, and the hugely off-road capable SILEX ideal for adventure rides, bikepacking trips and more.

Comparing the SILEX against the SCULTURA ENDURANCE GR, the head angle is steeper and the reach and wheelbase is shorter for more responsive and race-ready handling.

A further element that sets the ENDURANCE apart from the SCULTURA, and a must for riding and racing on uneven ground, is the wider tyre clearance, allowing gravel race tyres of up to 35 mm to be fitted. Additionally, specific shaping of the seat and chain stay provide the SCULTURA ENDURANCE with a leaf spring-like compliance, further assisting comfort and aiding traction over rough ground.

Besides the various geometry and frame aspects that make the SCULTURA ENDURANCE GR a race-focused gravel bike, the finishing touches of a gravel-specific cockpit (wider and flared handlebars for improved off-road control) and gravel racing-specific tyres for fast rolling on-road yet sufficient grip away from the tarmac, get it ready for the start line.

All these factors give the SCULTURA ENDURANCE the perfect foundation to be turned into a fast gravel race bike – welcome to the gravel race ready SCULTURA ENDURANCE GR.

To find out more about the various SCULTURA ENDURANCE GR models, please click the model links below the DISCOVER THE BIKE: