28 juni 2023

Behind the brand: Lukas Eisele, Bike Mechanic and CE Administrator

Taking our bikes from an idea to a rideable machine is no small job and it's a process that requires a lot of different skills to achieve it. While everyone that works at MERIDA has a different role to play, one thread that connects us all is our shared love of bikes and the places they can take you, which is why we’d like to introduce a few of the people that work behind the scenes.

This time it's the turn of Lukas Eisele, our Bike Mechanic and CE Administrator. It's his job to make sure all our e-bikes meet or exceed the relevant standards, so you're guaranteed to be riding a safe and fun bike. As mechanic, he also builds up MERIDA Research and Development’s prototype test bikes, meaning he gets to see the latest developments long before they’re released to the public – which is understandably a favourite part of his job.
When it comes to his own bikes, Lukas prefers to get our on road and gravel rides: “I enjoy it because of the speed and the distances you can cover as well as the people you do it together with , the places you get to see and the experiences you make.”
With that in mind, his own bike choices tend towards the rapid. While he has a SCULTURA ENDURANCE that he uses for the commute to work plus some fast gravel rides, his main partner is a REACTO that’s built up with Shimano’s electronic Di2 Ultegra groupset. He says that: “it's super fast and stiff while still being surprisingly comfortable at the same time”.

As a mechanic, he’s also got a taste for the rare and special, which is why he’s built his own carbon-rimmed wheels using hubs from German lightweight specialists Tune, making for a rather trick wheelset.

There’s one place he and his bike haven’t managed to get yet, with his bucket-list riding trip being quite an exotic one: “I'd love to go bikepacking in Patagonia in South-America. The landscape and culture there fascinates me.”

Closer to home, his favourite spot for a two-wheeled escape is the cyclist’s paradise of Girona, in Spain. 

“It's a city that lives and breathes cycling and you always meet likeminded people there. The weather is always good and you can do all sorts of riding.”

To keep up to date with Lukas and his adventures, be sure to follow him on Instagram here - but be warned, there's also a lot of running as well as cycling!