14 dec. 2023

Behind the brand: Manuel Kleinmann, Content Creator for Photo and Video

At MERIDA, we work hard to design and build the best possible bikes – and once we’ve done that, we need to show them off in the best possible light too. That’s where Manuel Kleinmann, Content Creator for Photo and Video, comes in.

It’s his job to create high- high-quality photo and video content that will be used across our websites, social media channels and many other places. Whether he’s in the studio taking shots of brand-new bikes or capturing riding action on location, he needs to come up with compelling and crisp images.

It’s just as well that that’s his favourite part of the job, saying that he loves “being a part of large-scale photo and video shoots in cool locations with talented riders. It's always exciting to see the final product come together”.

It helps that Manuel is a keen rider as well, with a particular passion for exploring on his gravel bike. He’s been on trips crossing the Alps, going through Germany’s Black Forest and cycle-toured from Paris to Germany via the Belgian coast and Luxembourg. His partner for these adventures is the SILEX 700. As he says: “it’s perfect for everyday use and durable. It has plenty of mounting points for various setups and bags.” 

“The handlebar setup consists of aerobars with a Cyclite bag, two food pouches, a phone and bike computer mount, bell, bike, foldable mini backpack, and a rechargeable headlamp. For longer rides, I expand the storage space with a frame bag, seat post rack, and the Ortlieb Quickrack with different bags.”

Of course, Manuel also likes to mix up this adventure riding with riding his MTB on flowy trails and jump lines in bike parks, so it makes sense that his favourite spot to ride is the Alps, thanks the sheer variety of trails and endless opportunities for fresh adventures. It’s also a stunning background for photo and video, which probably helps…

You can keep up to date with Manuel and his adventures by following him on Instagram here.