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Corporate Governance


1.Environmental protection:

The company has a “Occupational Safety and Health Office” which is responsible for environmental protection and staff safety and hygiene to implement environmental protection management, such as water saving, carbon saving and greenhouse gas reduction. We are committed to the utilization of resources, waste sorting, waste reduction, recycling and reuse by manufacturers to reduce the impact of environmental pollution; In view of air pollution, waste water and waste disposal, relevant operating procedures are stipulated by law; energy saving and carbon reduction policies are implemented, such as: purchasing all kinds of financial instruments with low energy consumption, green energy as a priority consideration, setting room temperature at 28℃, automatic power control of lighting device, etc., in order to reduce energy waste.

2. Accordance with the relevant labor laws and regulations, the Company has formulated relevant management provisions such as “Rules of Work”, “Measures for Punishment of Complaints against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace” and “Employee Appointment and Dismissal” to protect employees’ rights and interests.

The Company has signed a monthly on-site service contract with doctors with professional certificates of occupational medicine to provide staff health services such as staff health education and medical consultation.

3.Environmental protection and health enforcement measures are as follows:

A.The new staff carries out education and training on environmental protection, safety and health, to promote the safety concept and environmental protection and clean production awareness.

B.The new wastewater treatment plant is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019. Continuous pursuit of high efficiency of wastewater treatment and improvement of the quality of effluent water, the establishment of source control raw material records, application system for process discharge, the use of waste liquid as adjusting agent for wastewater treatment plant, and the reduction of wastewater reagent use.

C.Set up special areas for resource recovery, improve waste storage sites, implement garbage classification, and reduce waste production.

D.Regular implementation of environmental protection testing, industrial and safety monitoring, annual regular outsourcing testing of water quality (discharge water, drinking water), waste gas, monitoring of operating area noise, dust and organic solvents.

E.The Occupational Safety and Health Management Committee shall be convened regularly every three months to review the automatic inspection and safety and health audit, the preventive measures against the hazards of machinery, equipment or raw materials, materials, the occupational disaster investigation report, health management, occupational disease prevention and health promotion and other related operation.

F.Specialized departments of environmental protection and occupational safety and health:

According to the industry scale, there are specialized departments and relevant occupational safety and health management personnel in the Occupational Safety and Health Office, which is directly under the President and responsible for environmental protection and occupational safety and health. In addition, professional nurses and on-site service doctors promote staff health management and health promotion, and set up nursing rooms in the factory to improve friendly workplace.

In response to environmental protection, energy conservation and carbon reduction, a number of energy conservation policies

All newly added and replaced lamps are replaced with energy-saving LED lamps.

Frequency conversion and energy saving is the priority when purchasing air conditioners, and the mechanism to control the indoor temperature up to 28℃ when using air conditioners.

The newly added air compressor is converted to variable frequency energy saving type, and the operators check the leakage of the equipment every day.

Change the dry dust collector to wet dust collector, reduce particulate emissions.

G.Greenhouse Gas Inventory: The Company is not an industry in which the EPA announces annual greenhouse gas emissions of 25,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

4. Community participation, social contribution, social  service, social public welfare:

A.Charitable donations, grants are made to play the spirit of giving back to the society.

B.Regularly or irregularly participate in and sponsor various public welfare and environmental protection activities of community groups near the company, such as:

(A)Adoption, maintenance and management of air quality purification zone in Changhua County with an area of 2.62 hectares of green land, and has been selected as the excellent adoptive unit of the National Air Quality Purification Zone of the EPA for successive years.

(B)Sponsor community support teams, volunteer police officers, volunteer fire fighters, elementary and secondary school activity funds or bicycles.

(C)Winter relief in the village

(D)Sponsor the village environmental sanitation, and the volunteer team to maintain the surrounding environment.

5.Order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, the Company has set up Chinese and English websites and a special d service line for consumers.

6.Company may terminate or discharge the contract with the supplier at any time when it violates the customer demand or relevant laws and regulations of the exporting country and international standards. The Company is committed to jointly abide by the principle of integrity operation with the supplier and fulfill its social responsibility.