14 Jul 2023

SCULTURA TEAM impresses in ROADBIKE magazine


In the current 'pro racer' test of Germany's ROADBIKE magazine, our SCULTURA TEAM impressed in every aspect. According to the magazine, the TEAM version of our classic road bike is an extremely versatile, exciting road bike.

The identical geometry to its aero counterpart REACTO not only benefits the pros when changing bikes. The "balanced geometry" ensures "an extremely stable and safe road position as well as absolutely reliable handling." Matej Mohoric's victory at Milan-San Remo impressively proves that "especially on descents, the SCULTURA is a lot of fun and provides the perfect basis for fast downhill riders in the peloton." The bike ensures the best braking performance, even on long descents, thanks to innovative cooling fin technology. When it comes to climbing, the SCULTURA is "really in its element" and conquers "bend after bend with ease". This makes the climbing "almost more enjoyable than the downhill".

The ROADBIKE editors were also extremely impressed by the lab numbers: the SCULTURA showed "by far the best comfort value in the test so that even epic tours in the saddle do not become torture".

What the testers particularly liked:
"Very light and extremely comfortable, the SCULTURA also scores with top handling."

The SCULTURA TEAM is the perfect bike for...
"...anyone looking for a lightweight road bike with outstanding handling that exudes a lot of pro flair and also offers plenty of comfort."

More detailed information on the SCULTURA TEAM can be found by clicking the links below DISCOVER THE BIKE.

To find out more about the bike, including key features, R&D and design thinking, as well as the intended use, please check the micro page here.  

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All texts are translated from the German original.