26 Oct 2023

Offroad.cc test our extra burley ONE-SIXTY FR


With the ‘standard’ ONE-SIXTY 600 still in their test fleet, the test crew of Offroad.cc did not miss the opportunity to sample the new ‘more burly’ brother of our highly acclaimed enduro bike and took it out of some of the steeper tracks around Porlock (South West of England) ahead of THE MERIDA EX enduro race to see what the latest version of the bike is all about.

Equipped with coil-over-oil rear suspension and increased fork travel, as well as fit-for-purpose equipment, the ONE-SIXTY FR very quickly showed what it is capable of and left a lasting impression on the test team.

Drawing parallels with the ‘standard’ ONE-SIXTY 600, the test praised the “incredibly solid groundwork that was laid when designing the One-Sixty” and the well-thought-through upgrades that “elevate the bike further”.

“Merida’s philosophy towards speccing the bike is one that’s only to be admired, as it’s resulted in a bike that simply doesn’t hold back on performance due to budget constraints, and it can be rare to find on a bike of this price.”

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