28 Nov 2023

Germany’s Gravel-Collective impressed by the new SILEX’s versatility and performance

SILEX 7000

As a gravel-only publication, Germany’s Gravel-Collective joined the recent launch of the new SILEX and Italy and took the SILEX 7000 through its paces.

Impressed with maintaining the versatility the SILEX is known for, the Gravel-Collective testers could not deny that the new version has broadened its user group event further by commenting, “The Merida Silex is a well-thought-out gravel bike that could give a lot of pleasure to different target groups. On the one hand, in the affordable versions with an aluminium frame as a commuter bike with mudguards and luggage rack, and on the other hand as a carbon version for ambitious touring, bike packing and also ultra-racing.“

The fact that the SILEX can mix it up in not just long-distance gravel races was also noticed by the test team, referring to the incredible win of Matej Mohoric in the Gravel World Championships and remarking that “the World Gravel Championships proved us wrong”.

Besides the wide-reaching versatility of the bike, the team was also impressed with the handling and comfort, perfectly summarised in the concluding statement: “As time goes by, I realise that I can just let the Silex roll on the descents. It does its job all by itself and even on steep, slippery sections, I can trust the Silex. On the bumpy meadow paths, I notice how much riding comfort the carbon frame provides.”

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Quotes are translated from the original German.