10 Apr 2024

MBR impressed by the eONE-SIXTY’s “mind-blowingly good suspension”


The MBR team had the unusual opportunity to test the full aluminium eONE-SIXTY 875 as well as the full carbon eONE-SIXTY 10K in their recent video review on the YouTube channel.

Looking at the similarities in geometry, features and frame layout, the two testers were hugely impressed with the suspension performance of the bikes, with Alan, who tested the full carbon eONE-SIXTY 10K model, commenting, “I rode the eONE-SIXTY the CF, the top end [bike] with Fox Factory suspension, and Italy and I was blown away how good the suspension was. That bike has always had mind-blowingly good suspension from its launch and the new bike has a better suspension feel with modern geometry, it’s pretty impressive”. He continued his praise by saying, “that bike has a pitter patter suspension response, it’s unbelievable. This feels like a coil shock coil sprung bike even though it’s got an air shock on it, it was that impressive, they’re really done a great job with the suspension. I enjoyed riding that bike so much, I rode it in the dark”.

Editor Danny, who sampled the full aluminium eONE-SIXTY 875 echoed similar finding by saying, “I will concur having ridden the alloy one, which is the heavy one, the suspension was also amazing on that bike”.  

In addition to the sorted suspension, the team also enjoyed on the forward thinking geometry and frame layout, as well as the overall appearance. They noted the impressive battery capacity, with 750 Wh user-removable battery of the aluminium bikes and 600 Wh integrated battery of the carbon fibre models both having the option to add a 360 Wh range extender to boost riding time even further.

To get the full rundown of their test experience, please check out their video review here.

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