17 May 2024

SILEX 7000 named Bike of the Year Contender by Bikeradar

SILEX 7000

In the recent Bike of the Year shootout, our carbon-framed SILEX 7000 was awarded the coveted 'contender' accolade.

In this fantastic review, the test team starts off by praising the impressive value for money and the progressive geometry, providing the SILEX with “an excellent balance between handling and all-round useability”.

Bikeradar went on to highlight the "swift and smooth" ride the SILEX offers on tarmac and dirt roads, as well as the fact that it "tracks beautifully" on singletrack forest trails.

Their final statements could have come from us:
“Add in the superb brakes and fast, reliable gear shifts, and the Silex 7000 feels as if it’s up at the very highest echelons of what’s available in cutting-edge gravel design right now. On sharp road ramps, it’s a willing companion. Even the chunky Rambler tyres that cope admirably in slick muddy conditions are capable on tarmac and don’t rob too much of your effort. The bike looks great and the addition of quirky details shows plenty of attention has been paid to the full end-user experience. The Merida Silex competently spans a wide range of riding conditions, with great on-road manners, excellent technical terrain handling and a smooth compliance to the frame and fork. In short, the Silex 7000 is one of 2024’s finest gravel bikes, riding well beyond its relatively modest build and price.”

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