20 May 2024

eONE-SIXTY 875 impressed in its first E-MTB group test


In the latest issue of E-MOUNTAINBIKE, the international e-bike magazines powerhouse, our brand new eONE-SIXTY 875 made its mark and impressed the team so much that they awarded it the coveted 'Best Buy' award. Up against some stiff competition, the all-aluminium 750 Wh eONE-SIXTY 875 showed its “great composure and inspires huge amount of confidence” when ploughing through rock gardens, and its “plush suspension generates tons of traction in technical uphills and ensures a comfortable ride when you’re cruising your way back down into the valley”.

As the E-MTB crew have often pointed out when reviewing our eONE-SIXTY models in the past, the new eONE-SIXTY 875 also delivers on the fun side of things, guaranteeing that "thanks to its good-natured handling, the MERIDA eONE-SIXTY delivers excellent riding fun for both beginners and advanced riders".   

Their final verdict:
“The MERIDA eONE-SIXTY might not be as stylish as the carbon competitors in this test, but it manages to combine a wide range of applications. Above all, it scores with a first-class trail performance and appeals to beginners and advanced riders alike. At the same time, the countless clever features make it suitable for everyday life scenarios. Overall, the MERIDA is a very good all-rounder at a fair price, and therefore deserves our coveted Best Buy Tip!”

To read the full review, check out issue #37 on the E-MTB app.

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