Kate Bramley is a professional triathlete who specialises in XTERRA and off-road triathlon. She raced in amateur and non-professional elite races for 8 years and has recently begun racing as a professional.

Kate is also a registered performance coach with Triathlon Australia and has recently started her own coaching business – Triathlon Adventures Geelong, which promotes adventure, fun and a sense of community.


NAME: Kate Bramley

WHY SHE STARTED RIDING: "I’ve ridden my whole life but started riding to race in 2012 on the road for triathlon and 2015 to prepare for the cross triathlon world championships on the MTB."

WHY SHE LOVES RIDING MERIDA: "Merida have proven that they can produce bikes with the highest level of design & technology whilst being great value for money."

HOW RIDING HER MERIDA MAKES HER FEEL: "I feel comfortable riding my Reacto disc in the knowledge that the only limitation for my riding is myself, not the bike."

FAVOURITE PLACE TO RIDE: "You Yangs Regional Park, just down the road from my house."

FAVOURITE RACE: "The Geelong MTB Club hold Friday night graded races during summer & winter, they are social and fun fast events."


2x XTERRA winner, 2020 Oceania Cross Tri Champion

4x Age Group Triathlon World Champion in Sprint and Cross Triathlon

PE and Science Teacher


Photo Credit: XTERRA Asia Pacific

Kate also has her own busines - Triathlon Adventures Geelong.

Visit the Triathlon Adventures Geelong website