Take our proven aluminium enduro frame and crank the volume up. The music? Heavy metal, thanks to a coil sprung back end plus longer travel 180 mm fork, mixed wheel size handling for a ride that's ready to get rad.
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Built for progression, built tough. The ONE-SIXTY FR 400 builds on the proven performance of our aluminium enduro frame and cranks the volume up. The music? Heavy metal, thanks to a coil sprung back end plus longer travel 180 mm fork, mixed wheel size handling for a ride that's ready to get rad. We've prioritised suspension performance and durability over drivetrain bling to create a bike that's ideal for rippers on a budget or riders that go hard every time they hit the bike park.

The ONE-SIXTY FR builds on the solid platform of our award-winning ONE-SIXTY, but cranks the volume up. It's built tough so that you can hit the bike park all day long, or just rip the toughest tracks and trails time after time, safe in the knowledge that the bike won't let you down. To boost the capability, we've added in longer travel forks pushing out 180 mm travel paired with coil shocks delivering 171 mm of rear wheel travel, mounted on our tough aluminium chassis. All bikes run a mixed 29" front and 27.5" rear wheel size for maximum manoeuvrability, whether you're ripping turns or sending it hard. However, you can switch to a full 29er setup without impacting the geometry, thanks to our flip-chip system. Our AGILOMETER sizing allows riders to run a longer or shorter reach frame independently of their height. At the same time, the suspension becomes more progressive as you size up, and all bikes are fitted with long-travel dropper posts.

  • Full aluminium frame with FAST kinematic suspension and progressive geometry
  • Mixed 29/27.5" wheels with tough casing tyres
  • SR Suntour Durolux 38 180 mm fork and DVO Jade R coil rear shock
  • Continental Kryptotal tyres with Enduro front casing Downhill rear
  • Long-travel dropper post
  • Powerful Tektro 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes
model year 2024
  • 171 mm suspension travel mullet
  • material: aluminium
  • 29x2.5" max. wheelsize
  • 148x12 mm axle standard
  • BSA bottom bracket standard
frame size XShort, Short, Mid, Long, XLong
  • coil
  • spring rate per size XSHORT and SHORT 300 lbs, MID: 350 lbs, LONG: 400 lbs, XLONG: 450 lbs
  • Air
  • 180 mm suspension travel
  • Tapered
  • xx mm fork offset
  • 29x2.60" max. wheelsize
  • 110x15 mm width front hub
  • 148x12 mm width rear hub
  • 28 mm inner width
  • material: aluminium
  • Tubeless ready (tubeless tape and valves not included)
  • front 29"
  • rear 27.5"
  • 110x15 mm width front hub
  • 32 spoke holes
  • Centerlock
  • 148x12 mm width rear hub
  • 32 spoke holes
  • Centerlock
  • 29x2.4"
  • fold
  • TR
  • Enduro casing
  • Soft Compund
  • 27.5x2.4"
  • fold
  • TR
  • Enduro Casing
  • Soft Compound
  • including removeable lever, 6/4 mm allen key
  • 32 teeth
  • 170 mm for all sizes
  • 11-48 teeth
  • 10 speed
chain Shimano LG500
shifters Shimano SL-MT500-L / Shimano CUES U6000
  • Upper and lower IPS sealing
  • material: aluminium
  • 35 mm diameter
  • 0° stem angle
  • 40 mm
stem size 40 mm
  • material: aluminium
  • 780 mm width
  • XS/S 18 mm rise
  • M/L/XL 30 mm rise
  • 34.9 mm diameter
  • 0 mm setback
  • XS/S: 150 mm travel seatpost - M: 170 mm travel seatpost - L/XL: 200 mm travel seatpost
seat clamp MERIDA EXPERT

weighed at frame size M

Bike Frame Geometry Image
Frame Size XShort Short Mid Long XLong
Tyre Sizes 29/27.5" 29/27.5" 29/27.5" 29/27.5" 29/27.5"
St Seat Tubes mm 400 410 425 445 470
Tt Top Tubes mm 537 564 591 623 655
Cs Chain Stays mm 434 434 434 437.5 437.5
HTA head tube angle [°] 63.5 63.5 63.5 63.5 63.5
STA seat tube angle [°] 78 78 78 78 78
Bd Bottom Bracket Drops mm 2 2 2 2 2
Ht Head Tube Lengths mm 95 95 95 105 120
Fl Fork Lengths mm 594 594 594 594 594
R Reach mm 409 437 464 492 519
S Stacks mm 620 620 620 629 643
Wb Wheel Base mm 1193 1220 1248 1281 1314
Sh Stand Over Height mm 735 740 743 740 735
No. Item-No. Name Info Pieces Torque NM
1 A2300000625 BOLT M6x1 OD10mm L39mm 1
2 A2294000196 WASHER for M6 sunkenhead screw OD16mm 1
3 A2298000113 SCREW M6x1 L16mm 2 8~10
4 A2300000608 SCREW M8x1 1 11~12
5 A2292000102 WASHER OD19mm ID15mm H0,3mm 1
6 A2036000032 MOUNT for shock without bushing 1
7 A2294000102 WASHER OD21mm ID17.1mm H3mm 5
8 A2221000058 BEARING 6803V-2RS OD26mm ID17mm W5mm 4
9 A2294000182 LOCK RING for bearing 2
10 A2300000684 SCREW M15x1 L16mm 2 23~25
11 A2294000105 WASHER OD17mm ID12.1mm H2mm 1
12 A2294000205 WASHER OD15.5mm ID10.1mm H2mm 1
13 A2221000035 BEARING 6801V-2RS OD21mm ID12mm W5mm 1
14 A2221000034 BEARING 6800V-2RS OD19mm ID10mm W5mm 1
15 A2294000197 WASHER for M6 sunkenhead screw OD18.5mm 1
16 A2300000475 BOLT M6x1 OD10/12mm L55mm 1 8~10
17 A2300000683 SCREW M15x1 L18.5mm 2 23~25
18 A2302000082 NUT M15x1 flipchip 2
19 A2031000093 LINK 1
20 A2258000239 CABLE GUIDE 1
21 A2300000151 SCREW M4x0.7 L12mm 1 3~5
22 A2294000016 WASHER OD19mm ID15.1mm H3mm 1
23 A2300000598 BOLT M6x1 OD15/17mm L55mm 1 8~10
24 A2221000040 BEARING 172607V-2RS OD26mm ID17mm W7mm 1
25 A2221000043 BEARING 3802V-2RS OD24mm ID15mm W7mm 1
26 A2300000609 SCREW M10x1 L15mm 1 15~17
27 A2311000102 RD-HANGER UDH 1
1 A21610000211 CABLE GUIDE for headtube 1
2 A2161000227 MOUNT for tube/accesoires 1
3 A2298000004 SCREW M5x0.8 L15mm 4 8~10
4 A2161000079 COVER for service opening 1
5 A2300000231 SCREW M3x0.5 L8mm 1
6 A2164000062 MOUNT ISCG-05 1
7 A2298000107 SCREW M6x1 L12mm 1 6~8
8 A2292000008 WASHER OD10mm ID6.2mm H3mm 2
9 A2232000042 MOUNT Mount for chain guide 1
10 A2232000028 CHAIN GUIDE for 28T-36T 1
11 A2300000484 SCREW M4x0.7 L10mm 1 1,5~2
12 A2292000106 WASHER OD10mm ID6.2mm H0.5mm 2
13 A2298000224 SCREW M6x1 L16mm 2 6~8
14 A2116000239 PROTECTOR 1
15 A2300000318 SCREW M4x0.7 L12mm 3 3~5
16 A2136000076 MOUNT PM200 1
17 A2298000409 SCREW M6x1 L12mm 3 11~12
18 A2158000078 PROTECTOR for chain stay 1
19 A2258000117 CABLE PLUG for brake 1
20 A2191000231 HEAD SET Acros AIX-586 1
21 A2358000131 PROTECTOR for down tube 1
22 A2358000132 PROTECTOR for down tube 1
23 A2362000121 PROTECTOR for seat stay 1
24 A2002000135 THRU AXLE EXPERT TR; L=178.5mm M12x1 TL=13.5mm 1
25 A2029000034 TUBE foam; ID5mm L600mm 2
26 A2029000042 TUBE foam; ID6mm L600mm 1
27 A2311000102 RD-HANGER UDH 1

To reduce production and delivery times, we are sometimes forced to make last-minute specification changes. Please be aware that those changes might not be reflected on these product pages and images.



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When creating high-end aluminium frames, we use our proven PROLITE 66 (6066) aluminium, as it is incredibly light and durable. In addition, it works exceptionally well with our hydroforming technology, allowing us to create complex shapes, featuring triple butted wall thicknesses, an almost carbon-like appearance and the best possible stiffness-to-weight ratio. While lesser alloys might be cheaper, it is the ideal choice for high-performance bicycle frames.

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‘C-Mount’ equipped bikes have the fixing points for a rear rack already integrated (some bikes require model specific rear rack), making fitting fast, simple and reliable. 

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Steering precision is vital to safe and confident handling, and the X-TAPER HEADTUBE allows us to significantly boost this precision. A larger headset diameter at the bottom paired with a smaller one at the top helps to deal with the strains modern riding and equipment can put on the headtube, all without adding unnecessary weight. It allows tapered forks to be fitted with ease and delivers precise and confidence-inspiring steering.

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This is a process we use to give a nice flat finish to our welds instead of the scaled, 'stack of coins' effect TIG welded joints often have. The welder uses the welding torch to go over the joint twice, helping to smooth out the filler material. It takes a lot of skill to do this, but it delivers strong and smart-looking frames that have the appearance of a carbon fibre frame at first look.

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On the majority of our frames, we run the gear and brake cables and hoses through the frame. The cables enter and exit the frame through smooth sockets, or we use one of our other systems like SMART ENTRY or WIRE PORT to be routed through. Running the cables inside the frame protects them from the elements, gives a clean and neat look and can offer aerodynamic advantages.

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This system means you only need a single tool to tighten important bolts, making it easy to secure them while out on the trail and also making routine maintenance faster and simpler. The bolts have a specially shaped head on one end that fits into a matching recess in the frame, preventing rotation. That means there is no hardware bonded into the frame itself, so damaged threads or bolts can be easily replaced.

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A suspension design where the traditional pivot point on the seat stay is eliminated in favour of a flexstay design. This uses the compliance of the material and specific shaping of the tubes to allow for the seat and chain stays to move apart as the suspension moves through the travel. By removing this pivot point at the seat and chain stay junction, we save weight, reduce maintenance needs and add stiffness to the frame structure.

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All control cables like gear, brake and dropper post cable enter the frame through a specifically shaped headset cap, cleaning up the cockpit area while also keeping them out of harm's way. Only the internally routed cable for the rear shock lockout enters the frame directly into the top tube for extra smooth lockout action.

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Suspension system that uses a Flexstay design to reduce weight and maintenance, is Adjustable to run 29” or 27.5” wheels without altering the geometry and has Size Tuned shock progression that increases with frame size, so lighter and smaller riders can access all of the travel and heavier riders get the support they need on big hits.

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An optional extra coverage mudguard that bolts rigidly to the back end of our bikes, protecting the rider from dirt and water spray while reducing noise, movement and prevent damage to the paintwork.

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