2 Nov 2022

One-Sixty in the Scottish Highlands

Is there a better way to enjoy your new bike than taking it on a road trip to discover some of the sweetest trails in an area you have never visited before? That is precisely what our team did when they headed into the Scottish Highlands to sample some stunning and remote riding on the all-new One-Sixty.

The perfect bike for a big mountain adventure, our latest enduro One-Sixty is packed with new and proprietary technology. Its innovative Agilometer sizing and FAST kinematic, deliver more confidence and capability than ever before, while the travel adjustable Team TR dropper post and changeable rear wheel size mean you can perfectly tune it to your preferences and the terrain you’ll tackle.

Of course, the Scottish Highlands are famous for the wide variety of riding on offer, with everything from remote wild natural trails to groomed flow lines and everything in between – plus the changeable weather. Whether tackling some of the most demanding enduro tracks, pushing hard on steep and rugged climbs near the famous area of Torridon or embracing long days in the saddle at the magnificently built trail centres around the Cairngorms, the One-Sixty delivered on every front. Most importantly, it put a massive smile on our faces, even when the weather was very Scottish indeed.

"We were out on the bikes for over a week. We had everything that makes a road trip unique and special. From typical Scottish weather, absolute chaos with four people who lived in the caravan, gnarly trails, unique landscapes, smiling faces, campfire romance and, of course, a few Guinness (too many) in the pub. Scotland, we'll be back!" commented our trip photographer Yvonne Lesewa after their time in the Highlands.


For all the details on the most uncompromising, adjustable and flat-out fast long travel bike we have ever created, head over to the One-Sixty page