24 Jan 2023

One-Sixty winner of Design & Innovation Award 2023


Already highly praised by the international mountain bike press, our new One-Sixty has joined the extensive list of awarded Merida bikes by winning the sought-after 2023 Design and Innovation award in the mountain bike category.⁠

Here's what the awards panel had to say:⁠

‘With the new One-Sixty, Merida delivered what many other manufacturers have been promising for a long time: an enduro bike that can be chosen based on your desired riding characteristics rather than your anatomy.⁠

This is possible thanks to a simple but very clever geometry concept that combines an extremely short seat tube and Merida's in-house Team TR dropper post. This comes with a whopping 230 mm travel across all sizes and allows you to adjust the travel infinitely between 30 mm and 230 mm, allowing you to choose your frame size not based on your inseam, but your riding style.⁠

Alongside the special geometry concept, the Merida employs countless useful, well-thought-out details that make it a versatile and robust enduro bruiser. Amongst them are the mini tool under the saddle and the Essential Tool Wrap in the storage compartment, which make unplanned trailside repairs a little less stressful.’⁠

With the One-Sixty being one of the most work-intensive bikes in our history, we are again immensely proud to get recognition for our efforts by being given the Design & Innovation Award 2023. Our new enduro bike can now line up next to some of the most awarded Merida bikes in recent years. 

To find out more about the highly sought-after Design & Innovation Award, please go to the award website: design-innovation-award.com

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