6 Apr 2021

Silex+ 6000 tested by BikeRadar

SILEX+ 6000

A great review of our (2020) Silex+ 6000 is now live on BikeRadar. After spending the autumn and winter on our Silex+ 6000 the Cycling+/BikeRadar test crew fell in love with the versatility of the bike and were rather reluctant to return it to us!

They appreciated the mountain bike inspired geometry and handling that came into its own on off-road and more demanding gravel sections, while the bike is 'still no slouch and tarmac links between off-road sections are extremely comfortable. Get it up to speed and it will stay there, making covering road distance a doddle'. On top of that, they liked the sorted specification, the vertical compliance and ample tyre clearance. 

'The Silex+ 6000 is far more versatile than its looks alone suggest. It will take on tougher terrain than an endurance-focused road bike while offering improved comfort, and can still operate at a reasonable level on the road too. It isn’t a replacement for a mountain bike, but for a rider who wants the option to go off-road more than most drop-bar bikes will allow, this is a great choice.'

While different in colour the 2020 model of the Silex+ 6000 is almost identical to the 2021 version. Click here to view the 2021 Silex+ 6000. 

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