Toni Ferreiro wins E-bike category of the Spanish Enduro Championships

Despite a long absence from racing Toni Ferreiro went into the Spanish Enduro Championships well prepared and ready to leave its mark on the newly added E-bike category.

After a couple of days of intense training on the demanding stages in the Pyrenean mountains of Castejon de Sos, Toni and his eONE-SIXTY were ready to face the challenge ahead.

Five stages varying in length, level of difficulty and style would give the racers plenty of opportunities to show their skills, endurance and race tactics. From the start, Toni was able to dominate the race, winning all five stages and finishing the day with a clear lead over his nearest rival. His impressive physical shape and the reliability of his eONE-SIXTY enabled him to deal with the extremely demanding course perfect.

With a race time of 25:22:85 mins (3:39 mins ahead of the 2nd position) and almost 7 hours of competition, Toni demonstrated that he used his impeded training time (due to Covid-19) well and that man and machine worked in perfect harmony on the day.


Photos supplied by: Yaroslav Alpizar Zhuravlev