The eONE-SIXTY has seamlessly followed in the footsteps of the original bike in becoming one of the most lauded bikes in MERIDA's history. It has collected a vast amount of amazing test results, wins and industry awards, with E-Mountainbike giving it 'BEST IN TEST' in their 'Best of 2021' eMTB group test, World of MTB awarding it their 'Best of 2021' award and FREERIDE giving it an almost perfect score of 9.5 out of 10.

The eONE-SIXTY embodies e-enduro riding, shuttling you to the top with ease yet feeling like a normal bike on downhills. Agile due to its perfectly tuned MTB geometry, but more planted because of the higher weight. All bikes are equipped with proven Shimano motors as well as a seamlessly integrated 630 Wh internal battery. Perfectly tuned MTB geometry is paired with a stiff, lightweight carbon front/aluminium rear chassis and a mixed wheel size combo that delivers confidence on the toughest trails.

The eONE-SIXTY is ready for anything you can throw at it.


Trail and enduro riding! Geometry, travel and specification make this bike perfect for demanding trail riding or enduro racing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a playful easy trail or a hardcore enduro track. The eONE-SIXTY loves it all.

But besides its enduro and trail riding abilities, the eONE-SIXTY is also a hugely capable and enjoyable ‘SUV' bike. Because of the travel, the comfortable and upright riding position the eONE-SIXTY gives a lot of confidence and offers a real alternative to a ‘normal’ mountain bike.



A two-component battery cover, which offers perfect protection for the battery. The softer (outer) layer reduces noises, seals the downtube perfectly and absorbs hits from stones easily, while the harder (inner) layer ensures that the battery does not get damaged and gives it the structural shape. All crucial parts like the rubber strap and o-rings for perfect fitting can be replaced.


Specifically located openings near the head tube which work like a chimney and allow the warm air to dissipate to guarantee the optimum operating temperature of the internal battery. The THERMO GATE enables the battery to perform at its best, in all conditions.


Through axle with a removable axle lever. The lever (when inserted into the axle) allows easy loosening and tightening of the axle. When removed, it works as a 4 mm Allen key, perfect for tightening the seat clamp or the stem bolt, while also ideal for removing the battery or activating the battery 'wake up' button.


The eONE-SIXTY frames offer hidden attachment points for a kick-stand underneath the chain stay, perfect for making the bike more versatile if used as an ‘SUV’ bike. 


Powerful internal lithium-ion battery that offers a 630 Wh internal battery (504 Wh in size XS frames), charges up from 0-100% in 6 hours (when EC-E8004 charger is used) and retains at least 60% of its original battery capacity after 1,000 charging cycles. The aluminium cased battery is extremely compact, allowing us to seamlessly integrate it into the downtube for ample space for the rear shock, added water bottle fixing points and plenty of top tube clearance. It has a waterproof design and is impact and vibration resistant.


The EXPERT eTR cockpit offers internal cable routing for the e-system cables through the handlebar and stem for an extra clean and organised look. The latest eTRII stem also features secure attachment points for the Lezyne front light via its unique clamping plate.  As all our e-bike specific parts, the eTR cockpit is tested for a 140 kg system weight.


MERIDA dropper post allows you to get the saddle out of the way when the gradient gets steeper, giving you more space to manoeuvre and control over the bike. Our 150 mm post fits completely into the seat tube of an M size frame, while the L and XL frame can accommodate even a 170 mm dropper. As all our e-bike specced parts, it has been tested and certified for a 140 kg system weight. 


The eONE-SIXTY features the latest Lezyne Power Pro front and Femto rear light. The front light attaches securely to our stem clamp plate, keeping the light perfectly fixed to the bike without cluttering the cockpit area. It draws its power from the main battery and can be easily operated from the Shimano display unit. The rear light is rechargeable (via a mini USB port) and is perfectly capable of withstanding even the wettest of outings. Both lights offer excellent visibility during the day as well as evening and dawn rides.


Very compact and well-defined assist level controller that helps to keep the cockpit clean and less cluttered, while it also enables easy access to paddle-style dropper seat post levers. It fits neatly to the brake lever bracket and is positioned underneath the handlebars.



The entire eONE-SIXTY and eONE-FORTY range is powered by the latest EP801 or EP6 motors from Shimano. The EP801 unit delivers a maximum power output of 85 Nm, similar to its predecessor, the EP8, but the peak power of EP801 has increased from 500 W to 600 W, giving the motor more grunt in demanding riding situations. 

The EP6, the latest addition to the Shimano motor line-up, offers the same performance figures as the EP801 (85 Nm) but houses them in an aluminium motor housing rather than the magnesium version of the EP801. The peak power of the EP6 is the same as the outgoing EP8 at 500 W. While the output of the two motors is almost identical, the EP6 is approx. 300 g heavier than the top-of-the-line EP801.

Paired with the high-capacity 630 Wh battery from Shimano or Trendpowers 750 Wh power block, the EP801 and EP6 systems deliver an impressive range, making it easy to cruise for longer or do more runs. 

Further to that, both motors have seen upgrades in connectivity, making the unit more future-proof and ready for the latest shifting technology.



Dynamic and design are the primary influences that are the basis of the eONE-SIXTY.


DYNAMIC: In physics, ‘dynamic‘ describes the impact of forces producing motion onto a body. The bike is the body, while the trail is the impact of force that is trying to work against it.

DESIGN: The functional shaping of a body.

We achieved ‘dynamic’ by allocating the motion process of a functional surface in the underlying structure of the frame. A line in the frame that defines dynamic. To put the bike into motion without it actually moving. To radiate power without being confrontational. 

A strong and determined line leads the onlooker from the dropout to the head tube. The eye lingers at the THERMO GATE. A forged aluminium part that has been integrated seamlessly into the carbon frame. The milled rips are the visual highlight in the head tube area and underline the exclusivity of the eONE-SIXTY. On the upper part of the top tube, a switch has been accommodated perfectly, allowing the rider to activate the system with ease. It encourages the rider not to waste another second before setting the bike in motion.

The motor bracket wraps the heart of the frame while not taking up any more space than needed. The rear shock attachment point hovers almost weightlessly above it. To provide the bike with new energy, the well protected and easy to get to charging port is located at the joining point of the down and seat tube.