Today we often associate increased 'trail fun' with more and more full suspension travel due to the fact that long-travel bikes are getting more capable on the way down but also on the way back up again. At the same time, the trail hardtail has developed quietly in its shadow. After being absent from this segment, we returned with a bang in 2021, that combines modern trail bike geometry with long-travel forks and chunky 29er wheels for amazing corner grip and comfort. Welcome to the BIG.TRAIL which offers simplified and hassle-free trail fun in spades.


The BIG.TRAIL is a hardtail which is designed for trail riding. Geometry, suspension travel and features of this model are optimised for hitting the trails. But why would you use a hardtail when everybody is saying a full-suspension is the better choice? There are a few reasons: it’s more affordable, easier to set up, and it needs less maintenance than a full-suspension bike. So, if the budget is small, it’s probably the better choice than a very entry-level dual suspension bike.  

It also has the benefit that it requires more riding finesse which in turn improves the riding technique and makes you a smoother rider than with an 'all-absorbing' full-suspension. This is due to the fact that the rider has to make smarter choices on the trail and that 'going straight over everything' with a hardtail is simply not the best idea. So especially for the young riders out there, a trail hardtail is a great bike to start and to hone your skills on. A one-time learned clean riding technique will always stay with you!



Our BIG.TRAIL is not just great for a short blast on your home trails, but also ready for the all-day trail ride due to having fixing points for two bottles. If you prefer to keep the weight off your back, then having extra water holding capability are a huge plus.


A long reach, paired with a slack 65.5° head angle and a steep seat angle make our BIG.TRAIL a solid descender even when the trail is littered with roots and rocks, while maintaining impressive climbing abilities, due to the central seating position over the bottom bracket. The extra short seat tube and low stand over height help to create lots of space to manoeuvre the bike when the trail gets demanding but also allow for long travel dropper posts.


Cables are routed through the frame, entering and exiting through smooth sockets. The bike looks neat, whilst the cables are protected from moisture and dirt.


The majority of models in the BIG.TRAIL range offer Boost technology at the front and rear. The shallower axle standard of 110 mm (front) and 148 mm (rear) allows for a wider spoke angle, resulting in a stiffer and stronger wheel, hugely beneficial on trail hardtails with 29er wheels. The BIG.TRAIL 200 has 100 mm fork spacing.


Our BIG.TRAIL rolls on 29er wheels and has tyre clearance for up to 2.5“ trail tyres. The combination of 29er wheels and 2.5“ tyres offer plenty or corner and climbing grip, while the big tyre volume and the 29er ’rolling over ability’ give our trail hardtail extra comfort and stability.


The TRAIL MOUNT is positioned underneath the top tube/seat tube junction, and this ingenious fixing point makes fitting an additional tool or a pump a breeze. Our TRAIL MOUNT offers a real advantage if you prefer to keep the weight off your back or if you are heading out for an extra-long outing where you might need to carry additional gear.


While clearly a trail loving long-travel hardtail, our BIG.TRAIL also offers built-in versatility through hidden rack, fender and kickstand mounts in case you like to turn the BIG.TRAIL into an 'SUV' commuter.


Due to the super short seat tube and super sloping top tube, we generate lots of space for the rider to manoeuver but also to run long travel dropper posts. Our small frames come with 125 mm droppers, all other frame sizes are equipped with a 150 mm travel post.


The Sram UDH hanger is the perfect hanger when things can get a bit rough. It offers unparalleled derailleur protection as it rotates rearward in the event of an impact. It also delivers precise shifting action and is easy to get hold of in case it gets damaged as every bike shop that sells Sram products should have them in stock. Simple. 


The BIG.TRAIL geometry is made for trail riding. It features a 65.5° head angle which is what a lot of current enduro bikes are based on. Also, reach and seat angle are much more aggressive compared to our cross country bikes. A longer reach gives more space to manoeuvre on the bike, and the steeper seat angle makes climbing easier. Furthermore, the long 140 mm fork makes life much easier on downhills and demanding single track sections. Another aspect that gives the rider more confidence and space to manoeuvre is the short seat tube and super sloping top tube. Because of this, a super low stand over height can be achieved, and long travel dropper posts can be fitted. With the super low stand over height, the rider is encouraged to choose the frame size based on the preferred riding characteristics, rather than body height. The only question is if you wanna go crazy fast or super agile. If you are looking for increased stability at speed, take the longer (larger) size, if you are looking for agility, take a shorter (smaller) size.     

For the BIG.TRAIL it is also important that 29er wheels, specced with trail-ready 2.5“ wide tyres fit into the frame. With a hardtail, the tyre choice is even more important, and it has a big influence on the trail performance. The bike is designed around a 55 mm chain line which allows for ample tyre clearance. This is important so that even during extreme manoeuvres or in super muddy trail conditions, the tyre doesn’t touch the chain or seat stays. The further advantage about using a 55 mm chain line is that it doesn’t require the need for a new wheelset, for example, a 'super-boost' wheelset. The fitted crank offers more off-set and allows for conventional boost wheelsets to be fitted into the BIG.TRAIL.