Our eSPRESSO CC bikes offer all the characteristics and features of our 'classic' eSPRESSO CITY but in a slightly more rugged package. So, if you like to take your super comfortable low step-through bike not just around town, but perhaps also across the rougher lanes, gravel tracks and smoother forest trails, then the eSPRESSO CC could be your perfect partner. The wider and more grippy 650b tyres of the eSPRESSO CC will deliver extra comfort, control and grip when venturing away from the paved roads, while the eSPRESSO frame with ENERGY CRADLE technology features further improved frame stiffness, extra low and wide step-through and the latest Shimano STePS motors. The seamlessly integrated battery with a capacity of 750 Wh from Trendpower or 630 or 504 Wh from Shimano provides extended range, while the impressive EP6 motor from Shimano gives extra performance and smoothness. The unique battery cover provides even and uninterrupted lines and allows easy access to the battery from the top.


The eSPRESSO CC is aimed at riders who need a versatile but rugged e-bike that can cope with a wide range of day-to-day demands and situations, with a low step-through frame to make mounting and dismounting easy. The ENERGY CRADLE frame design gives the appearance of an integrated battery while maintaining excellent chassis stiffness for predictable, confident handling, paired with a comfortable riding position. The powerful Shimano STePS drive system and 150 kg maximum system weight (bike/rider/cargo) provides huge versatility. Paired with the off-road capable wheel and tyre choice of the CC, it offers greater ability to tackle rougher lanes, gravel tracks or even smooth forest trails than the eSPRESSO CITY.



The battery is semi-integrated into the overall frame concept and sits in the ENERGY CRADLE. Rather than creating a cut out in the downtube, which creates a weak spot in low step-through frames and impacts the handling and stability of the bike, we have positioned the ENERGY CRADLE battery mount on top of the down tube. A sophisticated aluminium cover protects the battery and gives it a seamlessly integrated look. Besides providing a sleek appearance, the battery cover also allows fast and easy removal of the battery. The trunklid-like cover opens by unlocking the twist-lock at the top and folding it back towards the seat tube. Once the cover is in the open position, the rider has both hands to remove the battery easily and conveniently - no stooping down or complex mechanism.


Charging is easy through the neatly integrated charging port at the motor bracket. The battery is also perfectly integrated into the ENERGY CRADLE, which is positioned on top of the down tube, yet it is possible to easily remove it for charging or when in transport. 


On our eSPRESSO CC range, we have positioned the MERIDA custom on/off switch on the lower part of the downtube. Here the switch can be easily reached to turn the system on or off.


Our eSPRESSO CC range comes equipped with the MIK HD rear carrier with a load capacity of 27 kg. The rear carrier is child seat approved, allowing you to turn the eSPRESSO CC into the perfect family vehicle. It also features the integrated Spanninga rear light, for maximum visibility. Similarly to the front light, the rear light is also charged by the main battery and can be operated from the Shimano STePS display.


All eSPRESSO CC models come equipped with a kick-stand as standard, which is attached to a hidden kick-stand mount underneath the chain stay. The sturdy kick-stand makes it super easy to park as well as load the bike.


A specifically designed headset called the WIRE PORT enables certain cables to enter the frame directly through the headset cap, reducing cable clutter and preventing cable kink. 


Our eSPRESSO CC is designed with off-road capability in mind. To give it the right amount of traction, comfort and puncture protection, we equip the CC with 2.25" wide 650b tyres with an off-road tread pattern. It allows our eSPRESSO CC to feel perfectly at home on rougher lanes, gravel tracks and smoother forest trails.


To give the battery adequate protection and provide the eSPRESSO CC with its sleek lines, we have created a seamlessly integrated aluminium battery cover that sits on the top tube. The battery cover is connected to the frame, allowing the battery to be removed more efficiently and easily. The cover can be opened like a trunk lid, so the rider has both hands free to remove the battery. An easy to reach twist-lock handle pops out when pressed and enables the battery to be reached with ease. 


The eSPRESSO CC range comes equipped with the fully adjustable MERIDA EXPERT CT stem, allowing the rider to find the ideal angle for the perfect seating position. Furthermore, it surpasses all MERIDA e-bike specific tests which are more demanding than the legal requirements. All components are tested and certified for a system weight of up to 150 kg.


With the latest generation of MERIDA trekking saddles, the focus was clearly on comfort. The riding position on a trekking bike differs mostly in the more upright sitting position, which means that there is more pressure on the saddle. That's why trekking saddles are wider and also have thicker padding compared to sportive saddles. As man and woman are different, there are two versions available. Another nice feature of this saddle is the V-Mount interface, which allows the rider to mount accessories directly on the baseplate of the saddle.


The eSPRESSO CC range features the latest EP6 Shimano STePS motor. The 85 Nm strong EP6 Shimano motor offers a more performance-orientated e-trekking experience.


Depending on the model, the eSPRESSO CC range either features the SC-E610 or the SC-EN500 display. The SC-E610 is an easy-to-operate display with a larger coloured screen that shows most major functions at the same time. The navigation of the display is done via the switch on the handlebar. It is Bluetooth enabled for easy connectivity with Shimano's e-tube project app for easy tunability and health checks. On the other hand, the SC-EN500 combines switch and display in one unit and features a compact design yet provides the rider with all necessary information. The three top buttons allow an easy change of assist level as well as display menu access, while an additional light switch makes changing the light setting straightforward.


The development goal for the eSPRESSO CC was to create a bike with a low and wide step-through that makes getting on the bike easy and comfortable, while not losing any frame stability and stiffness. We were also keen to create a bike with the appearance of an integrated battery that features sleek and uninterrupted lines throughout the frame. It was clear from the start that an integration of the battery into the frame through a cut out in the down tube would negatively impact the stiffness and riding characteristics of the low step through frame. The latest frame design features our ENERGY CRADLE technology, where the battery sits in an indent, with a unique cradle-like shaping, of the downtube. This accommodates the battery, without adding any cut outs. Due to the lack of a cut out in the down tube, the whole bike frame gets stiffer and is less likely to 'wobble' under load, delivering more predictable handling in all situations. Even with a loaded rear carrier, the ride feel remains comfortable, stable and safe. 

Our super low step frame is not just outstanding when it comes to stiffness and handling, but also offers one of the lowest step throughs in the market. On top of that, with frame sizes starting at XS (featuring a super short 38 cm seat tube) and going all the way to XL almost every height of rider can fit on the bike perfectly. With its stylish and modern design and the seamlessly integrated battery that sits underneath the perfectly shaped aluminium cover, the eSPRESSO CC frame takes low step through frames to the next level.