25 jan. 2023

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå, José Antonio Hermida and Toni Ferreiro re-sign with MERIDA

With the new season starting to take shape, we are excited to announce that our three long-standing brand ambassadors Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå, José Antonio Hermida and Toni Ferreiro, have re-signed with MERIDA and will remain key partners of the MERIDA family.

Our three riders will get involved in selected races and adventure trips and join the MERIDA family at key activities around the world. On top of that, they will continue to share their product experience with our R&D team in Germany and help to take new frame concepts through their paces before they go into production.

While all three athletes use multiple bikes in their training and general riding, they all have their firm favourites in the MERIDA range, which will be their focus for the upcoming season.

Former multiple World Champion and World Cup winner Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå will keep exploring her native Norway onboard her SCULTURA ENDURANCE and SILEX while hitting the dirt on the NINETY-SIX and eONE-FORTY.

Similarly to Gunn-Rita, former World Champion and World Cup winner and multi-talented bike handler José Antonio Hermida will also make use of his extending bike arsenal. While still a XC and marathon rider at heart, and therefore spending ample time on his NINETY-SIX, he will help add the final touches to some of the future bike projects. On top of that, his growing love for long-travel bikes and long-travel adventures will keep him firmly on his eONE-SIXTY and newly added ONE-SIXTY. And finally, when the ground is less rough, his SILEX and SCULTURA ENDURANCE see plenty of action on the roads around his home at the edge of the Pyrenees.

Last but not least, our gravity man, former Spanish DH and Enduro champion as well as EWS and EWS-E racer Toni Ferreiro, will continue pointing his eONE-SIXTY, BIG.TRAIL and highly anticipated ONE-SIXTY downhill, creating inspirational ride videos and clips that get everybody excited to jump on their bike to hit the trails. Together with José Hermida, Toni will get involved in selected races and bike adventures and create image and video content that will showcase the capability and versatility of our bikes in some of the most breathtaking riding spots all over the world.    

"We are immensely proud to continue our involvement with Gunn-Rita, José and Toni and are looking forward to some exciting projects over the next two years. The last two years have been challenging, and we are hoping, alongside our ambassadors, that we can return to a sense of normality, get involved in events, enjoy our sport and see new and exciting products being launched to the growing number of MERIDA fans", comments Andreas Rottler, Director of Sports Marketing at MERIDA.

To stay in touch with our three riders, follow them on their various social media pages:
Gunn-Rita: Instagram and Facebook
José: Instagram and Facebook
Toni: Instagram, Facebook and Youtube

Please check out our product pages to find out more about the SILEXSCULTURA ENDURANCENINETY-SIXeONE-SIXTYeONE-FORTY, BIG.TRAIL and ONE-SIXTY.