10 Apr 2024

off.road.cc says: “…the eOne-Sixty is one confidence-inspiring bit of machinery”


Geometry, battery size and frame layout were the key winning factors when off.road.cc took a close look at the new eONE-SIXTY 875 in their recent first ride review of our latest e-enduro machine.

Tester Liam praised the steep seat angle and climbing prowess of the eONE-SIXTY 875, saying  “pedalling this bike about is comfortable, as it keeps the rider upright” while the bike’s perfect weight distribution “boosts grip when climbing”. He also added that the long reach and our progressive geometry provides stability and confidence.

Taking full advantage of the choice in handling our AGILOMETER sizing system gives, Liam found that: “going for a smaller-than-usual size rewarded me with a blend of mind-blowing stability with an appreciable level of manoeuvrability”.

What’s more, he pointed out, that the “eOne-Sixty is a bike that’s empowered by its weight and when the 174 mm of suspension travel is thrown into the mix, the eOne-Sixty is one confidence-inspiring bit of machinery”.

Off.road.cc’s final verdict:
“The new eOne-Sixty 875 is one heavy chap but where that may be seen as a downside on paper, it has loads of travel and that’s where the real charm lies. It’s not a bike that’s trying to be something it’s not – rather, it’s an absolute bruiser that takes full advantage of its heft to get its mass of suspension working hard, rewarding with loads of grip and inspiring tonnes of confidence.”

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