16 Dec 2019

SCULTURA DISC 7000-E - Cycling Weekly Editor's Choice 2019


Our SCULTURA DUSC 7000-E has been given the highly sought after title of 'Editor's Choice 2019' by the Cycling Weekly Team. 

Once again the bike could impressive with his great spec, balanced handing, comfortable ride compliant ride. 

'The CF2 framed 7000-E transforms Merida’s race bike into a much more versatile machine worthy of Editor’s Choice selection. One that’s just as happy cruising on the club run as it is on the race circuit. It has lost some of the whippet like handling traits of the lighter framed version but the upshot is a big increase in ride comfort. And at this price point, few brands can compete with the Scultura on spec and value.'
Score: 9 out of 10

To check the fantastic review, please click here.

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