29 Nov 2016

eONE-SIXTY 900E tested by E-Mountainbike

The E-Mountainbike crew have published the first ever test of our eONE-SIXTY 900E on their site and have given the bike the 'big thumbs up'

'But enough about its appearance; what use is a pretty face if it doesn’t have the moves to match? Fortunately, the MERIDA eONE-SIXTY feels great from the first pedal stroke thanks to its ultra-comfortable and upright position.'


'...it throws shapes from left to right without batting an eyelid, retaining its stability and smoothness at high speeds.'



'We’re putty in the hands of the MERIDA eONE-SIXTY, falling for both its image and its charm. A top handling package, great spec, and stylish looks: what more could we ask for? Well, what about value for money? Fortunately, with a price tag of € 5,500, we’d declare the eONE-SIXTY and its top performance a worthy bargain!'

Some fantastic feedback on our new eBIKE flagship. Read the full review here.

Photo: Christoph Bayer