29 Dec 2020

Bikeperfect to review the eONE-SIXTY 9000


After checking out the 2020 edition of the eONE-SIXTY LIMITED earlier this summer (see review here), and calling it 'a bike that can not only handle almost any track with composure but encourages playful riding that squeezes as much fun as possible from the returning descent' the Bikeperfect team were keen to sample the 2021 edition of our e-enduro machine. 

Now updated with Shimao’s latest EP8 motor and 630 Wh battery, the tested eONE-SIXTY 9000 impressed with its climbing ability, playful handling, sorted componentry choice, perfect weight distribution and last but not least the increased power delivery and range.   

‘Merida knows it has a good thing going with the eONE-SIXTY platform, by simply updating a few components the eONE-SIXTY’s positive characteristics that we enjoyed from our 2020 test bike have been further enhanced. Some of the geometry numbers might be conservative on paper, but they don’t ever feel like a sticking point when riding hard and definitely make it feel more lively and fun on less extreme trails as well.'

Shimano’s EP8 motor, Fox’s 38 and the addition of Maxxis Double Down tires plump up the capability. If you are looking for an e-assisted uplift at your favourite trails, then the eONE-SIXTY will see you to the top for more runs per day and back to the bottom faster and in more control than the previous model.’  4.5 out of 5 stars score

Check out the full review here

To see the full eONE-SIXTY range, please check out our dedicated site here, and to find your local distributor, check here.