Aluminium hardtail, sporting fast-rolling 29er wheels, our more comfort-focused geometry, 100 mm of front suspension and a double chainset setup, giving you plenty of gears to choose from and lots of comfort and control during your next adventure.
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Our heartland has always been bombproof aluminium hardtails. Half a century of frame building experience counts for a lot.

We've made a few changes to the UK range, upgrading the Big Nine and Big Seven 20 to use the sophisticated TFS frame and creating the UK Exclusive Big Nine and Big Seven 80 featuring a RockShox branded fork and Shimano Deore 1 x 12.

All Big Seven and Big Nine frames feature:

- full internal cable routing, for a clean, neat set up
- tapered headtube offering the potential for future upgrade
- inboard disc brake mounts to protect the brake and maximise stopping power

Reliability is enhanced by the inclusion of as much Shimano componentry as possible.

There are a wide range of sizes; Big Nine for taller riders, Big Seven for shorter riders with a healthy overlap of sizes in between.

For riders in the middle, riding style can be considered. If you are looking for speed and efficiency choose a Big Nine, if you are looking for agility choose a Big Seven.

  • Sophisticated aluminium frame
  • Tapered head tube and internal cable routing
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • 2 x 8 Shimano drivetrain
  • Lockout SR Suntour fork
  • Shimano hubs & chainset
model year 2022
  • material: aluminum
  • 29x2.25" max. wheelsize
  • 135x9mm axle standard
  • BSA bottom bracket standard
frame size M, L, XL
  • Coil
  • 100mm suspension travel
  • lockout
  • 17mm inner width
  • material: aluminium
  • 100x9mm width front hub
  • 32 spoke holes
  • Centerlock
  • 135x9mm width rear hub
  • 32 spoke holes
  • Centerlock
  • 36-22
  • 170 mm-S, 175 mm-M/XXL
bottom bracket FSA TH-7420ST-W, CARTRIDGE BEARING
  • 11-32 teeth
  • 8 speed
chain SUNRACE M84
shifters Micro Shift TS39-2L / Micro Shift TS39-8R
front derailleur Shimano FD-M315-TS
rear derailleur Shimano RD-M360
  • 2 piston
  • hydraulic disc brake
headset MERIDA M2345
  • material: aluminium
  • 31.8mm diameter
  • 6° stem angle
  • 70 mm-S, 80 mm-M, 90 mm-L, 100 mm-XL, 110 mm-XXL
stem size 70 MM-S, 80 MM-M, 90 MM-L, 100 MM-XL, 110 MM-XXL
  • material: aluminium
  • 690mm width
  • 15mm rise
  • material: aluminium
  • 30.9mm diameter
  • 15mm setback
seat clamp MERIDA COMP QR
pedal VP VPE-891
Bike Frame Geometry Image
Frame Size M L XL
Tyre Sizes 29" 29" 29"
St Seat Tubes mm 430 470 510
Tt Top Tubes mm 590 610 630
Cs Chain Stays mm 440 440 440
HTA head tube angle [°] 70 70 70
STA seat tube angle [°] 73 73 73
Bd Bottom Bracket Drops mm 60 60 60
Ht Head Tube Lengths mm 115 130 145
Fl Fork Lengths mm 506 506 506
R Reach mm 398 414 429
S Stacks mm 628 642 656
Wb Wheel Base mm 1090 1110 1131
Sh Stand Over Height mm 727 763 800

To reduce production and delivery times, we are sometimes forced to make last-minute specification changes. Please be aware that those changes might not be reflected on these product pages and images.



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Steering precision is vital to safe and confident handling, and the X-TAPER HEADTUBE allows us to significantly boost this precision. A larger headset diameter at the bottom paired with a smaller one at the top helps to deal with the strains modern riding and equipment can put on the headtube, all without adding unnecessary weight. It allows tapered forks to be fitted with ease and delivers precise and confidence-inspiring steering.

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This is a process we use to give a nice flat finish to our welds instead of the scaled, 'stack of coins' effect TIG welded joints often have. The welder uses the welding torch to go over the joint twice, helping to smooth out the filler material. It takes a lot of skill to do this, but it delivers strong and smart-looking frames that have the appearance of a carbon fibre frame at first look.

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On the majority of our frames, we run the gear and brake cables and hoses through the frame. The cables enter and exit the frame through smooth sockets, or we use one of our other systems like SMART ENTRY or WIRE PORT to be routed through. Running the cables inside the frame protects them from the elements, gives a clean and neat look and can offer aerodynamic advantages.

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DOWN TUBE EXIT is a feature seen on some of our frames with internally routed cables. By slightly overlapping the downtube where it connects to the bottom bracket, it leaves a small space that allows cables to exit easily. This means they are easily accessible for routine maintenance or replacement, but it prevents excessive movement and noise that can cause wear and distraction.

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We use a minimum of 6061 grade aluminium on all our bikes. It’s particularly well suited to being shaped with our hydroforming and technoforming processes, which allow us to vary the wall thickness to create double-butted tubing and complex frame shapes. It’s also an alloy that welds easily, and once it has been carefully heat treated to maximise strength, it means we can create strong and lightweight bicycle frames for you to enjoy.

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Manipulating the tube shape and thickness greatly impacts the appearance, weight and functionality of our aluminium frames. One technology that allows us to do that is TECHNO FORMING, where plain aluminium tubes get mechanically formed by using an external form and an internal metal core. The result, beautifully shaped tubes with varying wall thickness, ready to be used to create our technoformed aluminium frames.

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Being able to turn your bike into an all-weather commuter that has mudguards and other fittings can be a real plus, in particular when riding on wet and perhaps muddy roads and tracks on a regular basis. To make fitting easy, some of our bikes are F-MOUNT equipped. These integrated fittings mounts make adding mudguards fast and simple. Please note that some bikes require model-specific mudguards.

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Integrated mount on the chainstay to fit a Merida kickstand (or any commercial kickstand).

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Similar to our F-MOUNT, where various fixing points for mudguards are part of the frame offering, the C-MOUNT equipped bikes have the fixing points for a rear rack already integrated, making fitting fast, simple and reliable. The C-MOUNTS are an additional feature that improves the day-to-day versatility by adding loading capacity to your bike, ideal for commuting and shopping trips. Please note that some bikes require model-specific rear racks.

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