15 Dec 2020

ENERGY GUARD and ENERGY GUARD TWIST - a step-by-step guide

Our internal battery featuring e-bikes are equipped with our 'Energy Guard' battery cover. The 'Energy Guard' is a two-component battery cover, which offers perfect protection for the battery. The softer (outer) layer reduces noises, seals the downtube perfectly and absorbs hits from stones, while the harder (inner) layer ensures that the battery does not get damaged and gives it the structural shape. But besides being super protective, the 'Energy Guard' is super-fast to remove, allowing quick and uncomplicated access to the battery.

For our 2021 bikes, we have two versions of the 'Energy Guard'. The classic 'Energy Guard' which is fitted on all carbon e-bikes and the 'Energy Guard Twist' which is featured on our aluminium e-bikes that have an internal battery. 

To showcase how easy the installation of the two guards and the removal of the internal battery is, and to ensure that it is perfectly in place after it has been removed, we have created two step-by-step guide videos that will explain the various points to look out for along the way. 

For the step-by-step guide of the 'Energy Guard' (fitted on our internal battery carbon e-bikes), please click here.

The latest version of the classic 'Energy Guard' has an additional mechanism at the lower part of the guard, that provides a secure connection of the guard with the frame, avoiding any coming loose or falling off. Please check the video for further details. 

For the step-by-step guide of the 'Energy Guard Twist' (fitted on our internal battery aluminium e-bikes), please click here