1 Jun 2021

Meet professional climber, and new e-bike convert Hazel Findlay

We are very excited to announce professional climber Hazel Findlay as the latest addition to our MERIDA ambassadors. Hazel is new to the world of cycling and, in particular, e-biking but has made a name for herself as one of the world’s best climbers and the first female British climber to climb an E9 route, a grade that denotes extreme risk as well as huge difficulty, something few people in the world can achieve.

Besides conquering an E9 route, Hazel was also the first British woman to free climb El Capitan in Yosemite as well as redpointing (climbing a route in one go from the ground to the finish without resting on a rope or falling) 8c (5.15b) sport she has also climbed 8c+ trad and onsighted many 8as.

Hazel has joined our ambassadors as she has a keen interest in making our e-bikes into a valuable part of her climbing toolkit as a rugged, environmentally friendly, rapid and reliable transport option to get to and from her hard-to-access climbing routes. She's also going to make it part of her regular training regime

We're very excited to be working with her on various video projects in the future and also following her e-bike adventure as it progresses. You can keep up to date with Hazel and her climbing on Instagram, Facebook and on her website.