Germany e-bike magazine and website powerhouse E-MOUNTAINBIKE was one of the first magazines that was introduced to the all-new eONE-SIXTY by joining us on a trip to the factory and witnessing the production of the 1st eONE-SIXTY, while also taking it out on the trails to see how it differs from its hugely popular and highly awarded predecessor.

Here a few outtakes from the very detailed article:
'The MERIDA has no particularly unusual features and isn’t a firework of innovation, but its performance on the trail is absolutely brilliant!'

'The MERIDA is the perfect all-rounder – from use as an SUV to thrashing it down the roughest trails, thanks to its balanced handling and the very central riding position, it can do it all.'

'No mercy: we didn’t go easy on the new MERIDA eONE-SIXTY 2020 and because of the numerous accolades we’d already bestowed on the previous model over the past few years, it had no easy task living up to the very high expectations we had of it from the start. Anyone who was expecting a firework of innovation on the new eONE-SIXTY will be disappointed, but if you’re looking for excellent performance on the trail, the new MERIDA eONE Sixty is one of the hottest bikes of the new season! The MERIDA eONE-SIXTY 2020 is super versatile, featuring some cleverly thought-out details and looks absolutely stunning with its machined aluminium Thermo-Gate grille!'

  • outstanding handling
  • very versatile, from SUV to bike park bike
  • plush suspension
  • no cable rattling or chain slap – extremely quiet
  • smart details
  • Thermo-Gate design
  • top model includes spare battery

To read the full article and review, please click here.

For further details on the new eONE-SIXTY, please check out our dedicated micro page.