Wideopen reviews the RACE 3 sunglasses

Another great review of our RACE 3 sunglasses, this time by the team from Wideopen.  

Here their verdict:
'The Merida Sunglasses Race 3 are, despite their somewhat unglamorous name, a really impressive piece of kit. They look far more flashy than the price tag suggests, the fit and feel is great, and the lens is a pleasure to use in brighter, sunnier conditions. They weigh a gram or two more than glasses several times the price.

Given how much these glasses offer for such a small price tag, we're finding it a hard job to find any significant reasons not to recommend them. If you don't need changeable lenses for different conditions, these are a great choice.'

+ Big, bold, flashy sunglasses that look far more premium than they should for the money.
+ Feel light, comfortable and airy.
+ Lens has a very comfortable tint that works well in bright to overcast conditions.
+ They cost £30.

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