The team at GMBN (Global Mountain Bike Network) are always up for an interesting challenge and took up the opportunity to run our all-new NINETY-SIX RC (100 mm front and rear) against the more ‘down country’ NINETY-SIX (120 mm front / 100 mm rear) to see which one is faster for XC racing.

While perhaps not the most scientific test, the crew took the two bikes to one of their local riding spots and times their efforts on the various sections of the course.

Check out the detailed video and see if it helps you to make your final decision on what NINETY-SIX to go for.

To find out more about the bike, including key features, R&D and design thinking as well as the intended use, please check the micro page here.

To see the full specification and feature list of the four different models, please click here.