MAHLE’s Smart Bike Systems lightweight X35 ebike drive unit explained

On selected e-bikes in our range, we use the innovative MAHLE Smart Bike Systems (formerly ebikemotion) X35 drive system. In this video, we explain what it is, what the advantages of the system are, plus we show you how to operate the system and understand the discreet iWOC One controller that displays battery levels and controls the assistance too. The system is fitted to our eSILEX, eSPEEDER and eSCULTURA bikes and it's designed to deliver a natural feeling assistance that also has a very low drag above the assistance speed limit, which is perfect for these lightweight, sporty-feeling bikes.

Thanks to a fixed internal battery and a hub rather than a mid-mounted motor, the X35 drive system also allows a very sleek, non-e-bike profile and a substantially lower weight than a traditional e-bike. Without a traditional display unit - MAHLE's smartphone app covers that - we also use the neat iWOC One controller to power up the bike, so we also explain how to use it and understand what the different coloured LED lights mean for battery and assistance levels.

We also cover just who MAHLE are - possibly the biggest company you might never have heard of - and why we have such confidence in their engineering and are happy to fit the system to selected bikes.

For further details on the featured eSCULTURA, please click the link below DISCOVER THE BIKE.

For additional details on the MAHLE ebikemotion system, please visit our dedicated page