Jul 14, 2023

SPEEDER convinces in "Bike Bild" test


German Bike Bild, the cycling magazine arm of Germany’s Bild and Auto Bild newspaper and magazine, had a closer look at a large number of the latest fitness bikes in their recent summer (#3) edition and included our popular SPEEDER 400 in their test fleet.

Looking at key aspects like weight, specification, tyre clearance, riding experience and design, our fitness bikes generated a 42-point tally that got awarded with an impressive 1.6 overall score.

The test team was particularly impressed by the 105 groupset, commenting: “What speaks for the MERIDA is Shimano's 105 road bike group, which is otherwise only found on much more expensive road bikes." Besides that, the value for money the bike offered and the clean and sporty design also contributed to the fantastic overall review result.

More detailed information on the SPEEDER 400 can be found by clicking the links below DISCOVER THE BIKE.

The complete range of our SPEEDER range is available here.