Mar 18, 2020

eONE-FORTY 9000 - 'Very good' in Elektrobike test


Our eONE-FORTY 9000 managed to impress the test team of German e-bike magazine Elektrobike and got awarded with a point score of 857 and the ‘Sehr gut’ (Very good) certificate.

The eONE-FORTY 9000 ‘shines on the descends’ through its ‘planted suspension configuration’ and simply ‘rails’ through the turns. Further to that, the testers noted clever details like the satellite switch on the top tube and the Allen key which is integrated into the rear through axle.

Where the eONE-FORTY 9000 impressed (translated from the German original):
+ comparatively low weight
+ well-rounded componentry package
+ excellent handling

Conclusion (translated from the German original):
‘MERIDA’s latest e-mtb convinces! If you can live without bigger battery capacity and you are looking for a light, and capable e-trail bike, than the eONE-FORTY will make you rather happy.’

If you are interested in the detailed spec sheets and frame features of the new eONE-FORTY 9000, please click the link below. To learn more about the development process, the intended use and the key components of the 2020 eONE-FORTY, please click here.