Mar 26, 2020 to review our MISSION ROAD 7000-E


The team had a close look at our new MISSION ROAD and started their review with the perfect introduction: 'For those of you who want a bike that is quick and fun handling on the road but also able to take knobbly tyres for a bit of off-roading action, the Merida Mission Road 7000-E is a very good choice. It's pretty light, it's comfortable, and it offers plenty of versatility. I reckon it's a looker, too.' That is pretty much exactly how we see the MISSION ROAD, so not a bad start. 

With having some rather rough testing conditions over the review period, the MISSION ROAD could really impress with his great handling which in particular on rough and sometimes slippery surfaces 'gave a sense of confidence and security'. 

Further to that, the crew appreciated the comfort the carbon frame in conjunction with the S-Flex offered, which made even the longest rides 'fun'. 

'Overall, I really enjoyed riding the Mission Road 7000-E. It's a pleasurable place to be, and it just gets on with the job. It's ideal when commuting or riding long distances because you just don't really notice it, but then when you want a bit of fun it's there waiting for you to just stamp on the pedals. Hugely versatile road-cum-gravel bike that is very comfortable to ride – and quick too.'

Great feedback on our MISSION ROAD and clearly a good choice for anybody who looking for a super versatile and fun to ride road machine.

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If you are interested in the detailed spec sheets, frame features and the geometry of the tested MISSION ROAD 7000-E, please click the link below. To learn more about the thinking behind the new MISSION ROAD concept, find out about key components and other technical aspects, please click here