Mar 21, 2018

FLOW Mountain Bike to test the ONE-SIXTY 800

Australian mountain bike website FLOW Mountain Bike has been playing with our ONE-SIXTY 800 for the last couple of months, and have now revealed how they got on with our all new full-aluminum version.

After they tested and loved the new ONE-FORTY (see full review here) and called it 'a bloody hoot to ride', it was now time for the slightly longer travel version to shine... and shone it did!

'Oh my, this big enduro bike doesn’t mind pedaling and climbing!...The One-Sixty thrives in tighter tracks, feels very nimble and is quick to respond to your inputs.'


'The spec is so impressive, how can we not recommend it? It also pedals better than most smaller traveled bikes we have ridden.'

...and one more...

'Merida’s new lineup of suspension bikes are killing it this season, just have a look at the One-Sixty’s smaller brother, the One-Forty. With less travel and huge 2.6″ tyres, it’s a killer all-day trail bike, worth a look if you don’t need all the travel of the One-Sixty.'

To read the full review please click here.