Mar 20, 2018

SILEX 9000 tested by Cycling Plus

UK cycling magazine powerhouse Cycling Plus tested our all-new SILEX 9000 ‘all road’ bike in their May issue (page 22-23) and gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

‘MERIDA’s approach to the adventure / gravel genre stands out among the competition...The Silex has proven to be a capable all-rounder. It feels different to an average road bike, its relaxed head angle making the front-end track brilliantly on seriously rough surfaces. Barrelling along the boulder-strewn byways the front finds its path well and doesn’t get smacked offline. Reducing the stem length also balances out the handling; it combines the stability afforded by the slack fork with a much nimbler response than you’d expect.’


‘Ride quality is exceptional, with a supple noise – dampening chassis and a seatpost with plenty of flex.’