Jul 16, 2021

eBIG.TOUR 400 on Pocket-lint         

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In their search for the perfect e-bike, more specific comfortable touring e-bike, the team came across our eBIG.NINE 400 EQ and jumped at the chance to take it through its paces. 

Tester Chris was impressed with the powerful and super-smooth power delivery of Shimano’s EP8 motor and the overall quietness of the system. On top of that, he pointed out the solid build of the eBIG.TOUR, the 140kg system weight allowance, the comprehensive spec package, high-quality finish of the frame and the well-executed cable integration.   

‘There's no avoiding this bike's weight, but there's a very real feeling that you're getting something that will stand up to the rigours you want to put it through. Don't glance at that front end and think about throwing it down trails at any speed, this is a trekking bike at heart, designed for more sensible riding.

It's expensive, but you're also getting quality components designed for a specific job. For city commuters, you might find it's just a little too big for the job, but for those wanting to cycle the coastline over a series of weekends, this could be just the e-bike for you.

The Merida eBig Tour 400 EG is a big bike, but it's also a fun bike. 

4 out of 5 stars.’

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