Sep 24, 2021

eSILEX+ 600 tested by CyclingNews

The experienced test team at CyclingNews had a closer look at our MAHLE powered eSILEX+ 600 and awarded it with the CyclingNews RECOMMENDS button and added it to their list of 'best electric gravel bikes'.   

The team was impressed with the overall build quality, clean 'non-bike-like' silhouette and the smooth power delivery of the MAHLE system. Further to that, they pointed out the rear mounted motor 'doesn't massively upset handling or ride feel either' and that 'the extensive cargo capacity and extra battery option let you exploit the way the smooth, near-silent and subtly power-assisted ride for long-distance cruising and bikepacking, too'.

'Merida has taken its excellent Silex gravel bike and somehow fitted a big motor hub at the back without noticeably compromising handling or comfort. 

Slim lines hide a lot of practical features too, and the price is comparable with online direct options making it a real bargain with shop assistance included'.

  • Super-smooth cruising manners
  • Upright riding position and relaxed handling to match
  • Quiet, subtle hub motor assist
  • Low weight reduces riding effort
  • Slim 'secret battery' frame
  • Range extender double-capacity option
  • Loads of bottle and cargo mounts
  • Great value for a shop-bought bike
  • Conventional width crankset
  • Comprehensive 'ebikemotion' app

To read the full article on CyclingNews, please click here

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