The eBIG.NINE has an extensive list of new and improved features in comparison to its predecessor. As part of the MERIDA performance e-mountain bike family, it is designed as a real e-mountain bike, while incorporating some selected attributes from the MERIDA e-trekking category. That means, besides the modern design and the sportive oriented geometry, it comes equipped with fender and carrier mounts. The new generation of the eBIG.NINE features in-tube battery technology and all models (except the eBIG.NINE 300 SE models) are powered by the new EP8 power unit from Shimano STePS.

The current eBIG.NINE is already the fourth generation of this MERIDA e-bike category, and it is an important part of our MERIDA line-up. As in-tube batteries become more and more popular for e-bikes, there was no question for us to have an in-tube frame for the eBIG.NINE. Besides the battery integration, we also focused on increasing the tyre sizes and tyre clearance. On the eBIG.NINE 2.2" tyres can be used when fenders are fitted, while riders can go up to 2.35" without fenders. Like the predecessor, the new eBIG.NINE has a very low stand over height, but it now features 29" wheels from the smallest to the biggest frame size.


The MERIDA eBIG.NINE is the perfect hardtail e-mountain bike for those riders who are starting to look at performance mountain bikes with a bit of assistance. With the non-equipped version, the customer is perfectly prepared to have a lot of fun on mountain tours and on cross country trails. For all others, who are looking for a reliable, sportive but still comfortable e-MTB which is ideal for relaxed cycling tours or for commuting in any weather condition, the fender and carrier equipped version is the perfect choice.

Our eBIG.NINE offers a more upright riding position in comparison to regular performance MTB’s. Additionally, the 100 mm suspension fork and the 2.35" wide tyres provide more comfort and a safer riding experience than a sportive e-trekking bike. The low stand over height, especially in the small frame sizes, makes it easier to get on and off the bike (in particular for small people).  


Optimised centre of gravity

Based on the central position of the battery in the lower part of the down tube and the low position of the Shimano motor, we were able to achieve an optimum centre of gravity. The low and well-positioned centre of gravity provides the bike with outstanding riding characteristics which are extremely important in particular when fully loaded.

Excellent frame stiffness

The outstanding frame stiffness also has a strong influence on the riding characteristics of bikes with an integrated battery. The tapered head tube, with the large 1.5" to 1.5" diameter, the 34.9 mm (internal diameter) seat tube, the cast motor bracket as well as the 148 x12 mm rear through axle all contribute to achieving a safe and precise riding experience.

Certified system weight

The system weight of a bike is the combined weight of bike, rider and additional luggage. The allowed system weight for the eBIG.NINE and eBIG.NINE EQ is 140 kg. As an e-bike is already heavier than a regular bike, and as it also makes it easier to transport larger amounts of luggage, it is imperative to certify a higher overall system weight. All MERIDA e-bikes, as well as all used componentry, go through a rigorous and e-bike specific testing schedule which mimics the higher forces and strains to guarantee the rider the highest level of safety.

Energy Guard Twist

The MERIDA ‘Energy Guard Twist’ is a two-component battery cover, which offers easy and fast access to the battery while protecting it from outside impacts. The new twist-lock mechanism that is located at the top end of the battery cover allows tool-less locking and unlocking of the protective internal battery cover.

Shimano battery (integrated)

Powerful internal lithium-ion battery that offers 630 Wh, charges up from 0-100% in 6 hours (when EC-E8004 charger is used) and retains at least 60% of its original battery capacity after 1,000 charging cycles. The aluminium cased battery is extremely compact, allowing us to seamlessly integrate it into the downtube for ample space for the rear shock, added water bottle fixing points and plenty of top tube clearance. It has a waterproof design and is impact and vibration resistant.

Water bottle mounts

The eBIG.NINE offers the possibility to fit a water bottle or accessories like a lock or pump to the frame. The frame has (standard) bottle bosses on top of the down tube and at the seat tube, where a special adapter offers a very low mounting position, allowing maximum seat post insertion depth (guaranteed in all frame sizes).


For all eBIG.NINE in-tube bikes the seat post diameter was changed from its predecessor’s 30.9 mm to now 34.9 mm. The main reason for this is to further improve the frame stiffness by increasing the tube diameters of the seat tube. On top of that, the bigger diameter of the seat tube blends in much better in the overall frame design.

MERIDA COMP TR rear axle

With the removable rear axle lever, the rear axle can be tightened. The lever also works as a 6 mm and 4 mm Allen key. With the 4 mm key, the battery can be removed, and parts like the seat clamp and the stem can be tightened.


A modern, very strong and durable 29" rim with 20 mm inner width, which fits the needs of the eBIG.NINE perfectly. We use 36 spokes in the rear to increase the stiffness of the wheelset even further and to improve the ability of the rear wheel to handle the extra power the motor transmits via the chain and sprockets.

Lezyne front and USB rear light

The 2021 eBIG.NINE features the new Lezyne Power Pro front and USB rechargeable rear light. The front light attached securely to our stem clamp plate, keeping the light perfectly fixed to the bike without cluttering the cockpit area. It draws its power from the main battery and can be easily operated from the Shimano display unit. The rear light is rechargeable (via a mini USP post), and perfectly capable of withstanding even the wettest of outings. Both lights offer excellent visibility during the day as well as evening and dawn rides.

Hidden kick-stand mount

The 2021 eBIG.NINE frames offer hidden attachment points for a kick-stand underneath the chain stay, perfect for making the bike more versatile if used as an ‘SUV’ bike.


The EXPERT eTR cockpit offers internal cable routing for the e-system cables through the handlebar and stem for an extra clean and organised look. The new eTRII stem also features secure attachment points for the Lezyne front light via its unique clamping plate. As all our e-bike specific parts, the eTR cockpit is tested for a 140 kg system weight. 



For 2021, the entire eBIG.NINE range (except the eBIG.NINE 300 SE models) will be powered by the new EP8 motor from Shimano. The new power unit brings a long list of upgrades and changes to the table that will elevate our eBIG.NINE to the next level. The EP8 delivers a maximum power output of 85 Nm, which is an increase of 15 Nm from the E8000 unit. This will improve the performance on extreme terrain as well as lift up the other support levels, making them universally more cable and more fun to use. Paired with the new 630 Wh battery, the new EP8 system delivers a huge range extension, making it easier to cruise for longer or do more runs. 

Further to that, the new power unit has lost approx. 300 g in weight, has further improved its heat-resistance, allowing the rider to go harder for longer, has become quieter and smaller and has managed to achieve a 36% reduction in drag, making cruising about the cut-out speed even easier. All this helps to deliver smooth, direct power to ensure that the rider is always in complete control while experiencing a natural ride feel.


Through the extensive use of hydroforming on the down tube and the precise laser cutting of the tube opening for the battery, as well as the perfectly matching two-component plastic cover, we have integrated the battery seamlessly into the lower part of the down tube. This is consistent throughout the various frame sizes. Charging is easily possible through the nicely integrated charging port at the motor bracket. Also, the battery is perfectly integrated into the down tube, yet it is possible to remove it for charging or when in transport. A further advantage of the battery being integrated into the down tube is the perfect protection from an impact which can occur when the bike falls over or is involved in a crash.

With the additional hole at the down tube, the battery can be turned on from deep sleep mode. That’s necessary when the bike has not been used for longer than 6 months, or when the battery of the on/off switch is empty (this battery is normally charged by the main battery). To wake the battery up again, just push a 4 mm Allen key (best to use the lever of the MERIDA COMP TR axle) through the hole, pressing the hidden button underneath.