After three years at the top of the full-suspension e-bike market, the most decorated bike in MERIDA's history, the 'original' eONE-SIXTY found its successor in the all-new carbon eONE-SIXTY. The new bike would bring a long list of exciting features to the table while preserving the often praised riding characteristics of the 'original' eONE-SIXTY.  But we at MERIDA are very aware that a carbon front triangle might not be everybody's preferred choice and that there is a need to broaden the price range of our e-enduro bikes. These two factors were enough to go back to the drawing board and to develop the all-aluminium version of the bike – welcome to the new eONE-SIXTY LIMITED EDITION. 

Similarly, to the carbon version, the new eONE-SIXTY LIMITED EDITION embodies e-enduro bikes, instead of the normally needed shuttle to session your favourite tracks, you have your own built-in engine to assist you to the top. On downhills, it still feels like a normal bike, agile due to its perfectly tuned MTB geometry, but more planted because of the higher weight. But the new eONE-SIXTY can be so much more. The last few years have shown that our e-enduro bike is often used as a super comfortable and capable 'SUV' bike. Because of the advantages of more travel, bigger tyres and comfortable geometry, it is pure fun even on less demanding tracks and trails, and the new aluminium version is set to make lots of friends among the 'SUV' fraternity.

While now featuring an aluminium front triangle, the majority of the exciting features of the carbon eONE-SIXTY remain. The battery is fully integrated into the frame and can be easily accessed by removing the ENERGY GUARD battery cover. The battery can be removed with just a 4 mm Allen key making charging away from the bike and replacing the battery super-fast and straight forward. The fitted EXPERT TR through axles feature a removable leaver which in the first instance allows easy loosening and tightening of the axles but also works as a 4 mm Allen key, perfect for releasing the battery or tightening of essential parts like the stem bolts or the seat clamp. 

Welcome to the exhilarating and versatile world of the new eONE-SIXTY LIMITED EDITION. 


Trail and enduro riding! Geometry, travel and specification make this bike perfect for demanding trail riding. It doesn't matter if it's a playful, easy trail or a hardcore enduro track. The new eONE-SIXTY LIMITED EDITION loves them all.

But besides its enduro and trail riding abilities, the eONE-SIXTY is also a hugely capable and enjoyable 'SUV' bike. Because of the travel, the comfortable and upright riding position, the eONE-SIXTY gives a lot of confidence and offers a real alternative to a 'normal' mountain bike. If a 2nd battery or charging device is carried, it can also be used for all-day riding or multi-day excursions. 


Smart Entry

Cables, housings and brake hoses are clamped under tension to prevent rattling when the trails get rough. All inlets are completely interchangeable to deal with Di2, hydraulic hoses, brake cable and gear cable housings etc.

Energy Guard

Two-component battery cover, which offers perfect protection for the battery. The softer (outer) layer reduces noises, seals the downtube perfectly and absorbs hits from stones easily, while the harder (inner) layer ensures that the battery does not get damaged and gives it the structural shape. All crucial parts like the rubber strap and o-rings for perfect fitting can be replaced.

Rear Triangle

Similarly, to the front triangle, the rear triangle is also made from aluminium. It is the same rear triangle we are using on the carbon bikes and the 'original' eONE-SIXTY. It is one of the strongest rear ends MERIDA has ever made, and we know that it has fantastic durability and stiffness characteristics. Furthermore, we have the advantage that all spare parts can be used.

E8000 Drive Unit

Maximum riding fun at any performance level was the key focus in the design and concept of the Shimano STePS systems. The motors are optimised with regards to intuitive handling and despite their impressive performance, deliver the most natural and organic riding experience. The E8000 drive units offer a maximum output of 70 Nm and give a maximum of 300% assistance. Furthermore, the motor almost immediately responds to any pressure being applied through the pedals which hugely contributes to the intuitive handling and the agility of the system. An equally important feature of the motor is that it also withdraws any assistance at once when pedal pressure is reduced. Based on the compact size of the system, it can be perfectly integrated into the overall frame design.

Dropper Seatpost

Our all aluminium eONE-SIXTY naturally comes equipped with MERIDA dropper post allowing the rider to get the saddle out of the way when the gradient gets steeper, giving him/her more space to manoeuver and control over their bike. As all our e-bike specced parts, the posts have been tested and certified for a 140 kg system weight.

Satellite Charging Port & Switch

The on/off switch as well as the battery charger port are positioned for easy accessibility. The on/off switch is set into the top tube just behind the head tube, allowing the rider to activate the system with ease. The satellite charging port can be found above the motor at the down tube/seat tube junction, perfectly protected yet super easy to get to. 

MERIDA Mini Toolbox

Connected to the saddle's faceplate is the new MERIDA mini toolbox. The included mini tool features 2/2.5/3/8 mm Allen keys, a flathead and Phillips head screwdriver and 10/25/30 Torx keys. Perfect for fixing most issues trailside.

XT Drive Train

Shimano's XT drivetrain represents the perfect balance when it comes to durability, function and weight. The new 12 speed drivetrain impresses with precise shifting in any condition, with an extended gear range and long-lasting performance, even when exposed to the higher strains of being an e-bike drivetrain.

Chainstay Protector

It was important to us that our new eONE-SIXTY is as quiet as possible, and that it stays that way even after long term use. Besides the ENERGY GUARD battery cover that reduces noise and protects the battery perfectly, we have also put a lot of effort into our new chainstay protector. The dragon inspired protector is much bigger and is covering almost the complete chainstay, helping to reduce any noise from a moving chain or trail debris hitting the frame. 


Similarly, to their carbon cousins, the full aluminium eONE-SIXTY and eONE-FORTY LIMITED EDITION also share the same frame but differ a lot in terms of riding character. The difference between the two bikes is that the shock stroke on the eONE-FORTY is shorter. That reduces the rear travel to 133 mm instead of 150 mm which the eONE-SIXTY offers. On top of that, the shorter 140 mm travel fork extends the reach of the eONE-FORTY in comparison to the eONE-SIXTY which is equipped with a 160 mm fork. That's the reason why the eONE-FORTY has different sizing compared to eONE-SIXTY. A frame with a 44 cm seat tube length, for example, is a size L in the eONE-FORTY, but at the eONE-SIXTY, it is a size M. We believe that a bike with less travel should be more agile and playful than one with more travel, and the reach has a significant influence on that.

Compared to the eONE-SIXTY, the seat angle at the eONE-FORTY is almost one degree steeper, and the front is lower because of the shorter travel fork and the lower head tube. This puts more weight on the front of the bike and gives the eONE-FORTY better climbing performance as the front wheel rises later than at the eONE-SIXTY. Also, due to the shorted fork, the head angle is almost one degree steeper making the bike feel less wobbly at lower speeds. Again, a positive attribute for uphills.

Another big difference compared to the eONE-SIXTY is that the stand over height is lower. The reason for that is the lesser travel, lower head tube and lower bottom bracket height. Especially for beginners, the lower stand over height gives a lot of confidence. 

So, to summarise, the eONE-FORTY LIMITED EDITION is the more climbing and all-day ride focused bikes, which is also slightly more agile on twisty tracks. On the other hand, the eONE-SIXTY LIMITED EDITION is super capable at speed and on demanding tracks and trails. While still a super capable climber and fun-packed ride, it has a slightly more downhill focused set-up and geometry. The choice is yours.