The fourth generation of our eSPRESSO is dominated by an extensive list of new and improved features in comparison to its predecessor. The biggest focus was on the integration of the battery in the down tube, followed by increased tyre width and the introduction of the hub gear slider dropout. The modern in-tube battery design in combination with the purposeful and hugely comfortable geometry as well as the seamless integration of the whole spectrum of Shimano’s powerful STePS motors sets the eSPRESSO apart from other e-bikes.

By using the Shimano mid-mounted motors (E8000/E7000/E6100/E5000) and integrating the battery almost invisibly into the down tube, we have not only achieved a extremely clean appearance of the bikes, but also a very central centre of gravity. This gives the bike a very clean look similar to a non-e-bike, as well as similar riding characteristics.  


Standing on fast rolling 700c wheels equipped with super comfortable and grippy 50mm tyres, our eSPRESSO finds its use in a multitude of disciplines. From being a reliable partner on the way to the shops or the daily commute to work or from weekend trekking trips around the lanes to dedicated bike touring outings, our new in-tube e-trekking bike, or e-hybrid, shines in many areas. 

From its appearance and specifications, the eSPRESSO is a modern, sporty looking city/trekking orientated e-bike. With its adjustable stem, the riders have the possibility to perfectly adjust their position, to either a more sportive or a more comfortable set-up.


Battery integration in the down tube & Satellite charging port

Through the extensive use of hydroforming on the down tube and the precise CNC cutting of the tube opening for the battery, as well as the perfectly matching two-component plastic cover, we were able to integrate the battery seamlessly into the lower part of the down tube. This is consistent throughout the various frame sizes. Charging is easy through the neatly integrated charging port at the motor bracket. Also, the battery is perfectly integrated into the down tube, yet it is possible to easily remove it for charging or when in transport. A further advantage of the battery being integrated into the down tube is the perfect protection from an impact which can occur when the bike falls over or is involved in a crash.

Optimised centre of gravity

Based on the central position of the battery in the lower part of the down tube and the low position of the Shimano motor, we were able to achieve an optimum centre of gravity. The low and well-positioned centre of gravity provides the bike with outstanding riding characteristics which are extremely important in particular when fully loaded.

Shimano Motors

Maximum riding fun at any performance level was the key focus in the design and concept of the Shimano STePS systems. The motors are optimised with regards to intuitive handling and despite their impressive performance, deliver the most natural and organic riding experience. The latest versions have seen additional updates of the firmware to match their intended field of application even more. The motor almost immediately responds to any pressure being applied through the pedals which hugely contributes to the intuitive handling and the agility of the system. An equally important feature of the motor is that it also withdraws any assistance at once when pedal pressure is reduced. Based on the compact size of the system it can be perfectly integrated into the overall frame design.

Shimano battery (integrated)

The new Shimano BT-E8035 has a very compact size design which is optimised for the integrated use in the down tube. The battery is equipped with modern, up-to-date battery cells, which are very durable and long lasting. Even after 1000 charging cycles it still has 60% of the capacity, which is currently the best in its class. The battery is IPX5 level and water projected and can withstand water being projected onto it by a water jet with an up to 6.3mm nozzle. The aluminium casing is used for better heat transfer and it is stronger than plastic. Furthermore, it has a high-quality appearance.

Increased tyre width

Wider tyres have become more or less standard at modern e-bikes. The advantages are obvious, beside the better comfort, wider tyres provide more puncture protection and increase the riding stability due to the better ground contact. At the eSPRESSO, 50mm wide Continental CONTACT Cruiser tyres are fitted. This tyres use the ‘Safety System Breaker’ technology which is as Kevlar reinforced, high-strength nylon fabric to provide excellent puncture and cut-resistance while at the same time being light, durable and offering good rolling resistance.  

Through Axle & Slider Dropouts

Frames for derailleur drivetrains with rear through axles have become more and more the norm in the bicycle industry. Due to the larger axle diameter as well as the greater hub width, the rear part of the frame becomes stronger and stiffer. The through axle simplifies wheel removal and replacement. On the other hand, bikes coming with a hub gear drivetrain need a special slider dropout to ensure the optimal chain tension. Our completely new developed slider dropout is perfectly integrated into the dropouts, easy to handle and guarantees, due to its voluminous design, optimum stiffness.

Excellent frame stiffness

The outstanding frame stiffness also has a strong influence on the riding characteristics of bikes with an integrated battery. The tapered head tube, the large tube diameters, the change to 34.9mm seat post diameter, the cast motor bracket as well as the 142x12mm through rear axle (new 135x9mm slider dropouts) all contribute to achieving a safe and precise riding experience.

Water bottle mounts

The eSPRESSO standard frame version offers the possibility to fit a water bottle or further accessories like a lock or pump in 3 different positions at the frame. The frame has (standard) bottle bosses on top of the down tube, at the seat tube, where a special adapter offers a very low mounting position, allowing maximum seat post insertion depth (guaranteed in all frame sizes), and a final one below the top tube. For the lower step-in frames, the number of bottle bosses was reduced to two different positions. One is on the top of the down tube, while a second is below the top tube. This gives the rider, besides the possibility to mount bottle cages, the option to mount for example a folding-lock or pump bracket.

Energy guard

The MERIDA energy guard is a two-component battery cover, which offers perfect protection for the battery. The softer (outer) layer reduces noises, seals the downtube perfectly and absorbs hits from stones easily, while the harder (inner) layer insures that the battery does not get damaged and gives it the structural shape. All important parts like the rubber strap and o-rings for perfect fitting can be replaced. 

EXPERT CT adjustable stem

Our in-house components are designed and constructed with the demands of the individual bike type in mind. The MERIDA EXPERT CT stem is fully adjustable, allowing the rider to find the ideal angle for the perfect seating position. Furthermore, it surpasses all MERIDA e-bike specific tests which are more demanding than the legal requirements. All components are tested and certified for a system weight of up to 140kg.

EXPERT TK saddles

With the new generation of MERIDA trekking saddles, the focus was clearly on comfort. The riding position on a trekking bike differs mostly in the more upright sitting position, which means, that there is more pressure on the saddle. That's why trekking saddles are wider and also have sicker padding compared to sportive saddles. As man and woman are different, there are 2 versions available. Another nice feature of this saddle is the V-Mount interface, which allows the rider to mount accessories directly on the baseplate of the saddle.

Certified system weigh

The system weight of a bike is the combination of bike, rider and additional luggage. The allowed system weight for the eSPRESSO is 140kg. As an e-bike already has a higher weight than a regular bike, and also makes it easier to transport larger amounts of luggage, it is imperative to certify a higher overall system weight. All MERIDA e-bikes, as well as all used componentry,  go through a rigorous and e-bike specific testing schedule which mimics the higher forces and strains to guarantee the rider the highest level of safety.


The design thinking behind the eSPRESSO was focused on creating a modern, day-to-day e-bike with seamless integration of the battery into the down tube and improving the riding characteristics even further from its already successful predecessor. The frame update to an internal battery not only leads to a cleaner and more 'up-to-date' appearance but also improves the handling of the bike even further. This is due to the ability to place the battery even closer to the lowest point of the frame, which has a positive impact on the centre of gravity of the bike.

Another critical issue of the battery-integration which needed to be considered in the design thinking was how to make the battery accessible while being perfectly protected from the elements. The answer was the MERIDA energy guard, a two-component shield which seals the downtube opening perfectly and absorbs hits from stones, while at the same time providing easy and fast access for battery removal and external charging. With the change from external to an internal battery, we now have the possibility to mount a bottle cage on the downtube, just like at any non-e-bike. Besides that, the standard frame still offers an additional position on the seat tube and another mounting position for a folding lock, pump or similar accessories below the top tube.

Besides the update to the integrated battery, we also focused on increasing the tyre clearance, enabling the bike to take wider tyres which improve the riding comfort, grip and puncture protection. The wider tyres also fit much better into the overall design appearance. Through the new top tube design, the standover height was optimised as well, guaranteeing secure mount and dismount in any riding situation. The new eSPRESSO frame is not only a slight improvement from its predecessor but a totally new frame platform that offers lots of upgrades that satisfies the higher demands of today's modern cyclists.