find the properframe size!


Step 1: Find out the inseam/inside leg

Besides your body height, one more dimension is crucial to select the proper frame size: your personal inseam/inside leg. Depending on the desired bike type, the inseam/inside leg is the basis for an approximate calculation leading to the correct frame height for your dream bike. This is how it works:

Please stand with your back against a wall – barefoot and in underwear only. Your heels should touch the wall as well while your knees are straight and your pelvic area is positioned towards the ground in a linear (paraxial) way. The inseam/inside leg can be determined best by pulling a water level horizontally and as highly as possible into your crotch – the distance between the level’s upper edge and the ground is then measured via an inch or centimetre rule. If a water level is not available, you can also carry out the analysis by using a book which is flush with the wall on one side. In all cases, measuring the inseam/inside leg works best with the help of a partner.

Find out the inseam/inside leg



Step 2: Calculate your frame size

Based on the so correctly measured step length, the proper frame size (individually different for each bike type) can be defined by means of an approximate calculation: The measured numerical value in centimetres is now multiplied by a certain factor (different for each bike category). The result is the frame size in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm). 

Enter the value measured in centimeters in the white calculation window and click "calculate".

Frame Size Calculator



Step 3: Check Result using the frame size tables

Your body size may also be a indicator to get the proper bike size.


Frame size table Full Suspension MTB


Frame size table Road Bike


Frame size table Hardtail MTB


Frame size table Cross Bike