MERIDA ServicesFrequently Asked Questions

Can I test your bikes before I decide to buy one?

We completely support the very good idea that you always test a bike before it becomes your own one. There are many different reasons (e. g. the testing option) which convince MERIDA that authorized specialist retailers are still the best sources for new bikes. Together with our globally operating MERIDA specialist retailers, our aim is always to provide a certain pool of test bikes per country and region. But please do not be disappointed if the bike which you favour specifically is not available directly (in your individual size): It is simply not possible for us to provide ALL models at ANY time in EVERY place.

Where can I buy MERIDA bikes?

The navigation point DEALER SEARCH at the top of offers you address-supported help to find to the next retailers in your area. 

I am interested in model X in country Y – but I cannot find any price information on the respective website. Can you give me a price quotation?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Currently, MERIDA bikes are available in 77 countries all over the world. In each of them, the responsible national distributor fixes the recommended retail price. If your country’s respective MERIDA website ( - navigation point COUNTRY SELECTION) does not offer the desired information (no country is obliged to publish this information in the web), please contact either your authorized MERIDA retailer or the respective national importer directly. A list of all MERIDA distributors can be found here.
For the next retailer in your area, please use the navigation point DEALER SEARCH at the top of

I am an athlete and I am convinced that MERIDA can benefit from my performance. Who can I contact with regard to sponsoring?

As an international brand, MERIDA provides various kinds of support for talented athletes all over the world. However, our international marketing department primarily attends to the pro-rider teams such as the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM or the TEAM LAMPRE-MERIDA. So if you are an athlete looking for material support or similar sponsoring arrangements: First of all, please contact your local MERIDA retailer! In most cases, such local sponsorings are the best choice to start a successful cooperation. In addition, your retailer is linked directly (via the responsible MERIDA staff member) with the respective national importer. If the latter is interested in a sponsoring arrangement, a contact can be made very easily in this way. And who knows: Perhaps the importer contacts us quite soon because you really are the next shooting star ;-) The navigation point DEALER SEARCH at the top of guides you to a list of retailers in your area. A summary of distributors can be found here.

I am a bike retailer and would like to sell MERIDA bikes. How can I arrange this?

Nothing easier: Please contact the responsible national distributor for your country directly. The staff members there will happily arrange that the sales representative who is responsible for your area visits you.

As to your current list of distributors, MERIDA bikes are so far not distributed in my country. Therefore I would like to become your distribution partner. Are you interested in a cooperation?

We are always happy about chances to expand our MERIDA family all over the world. Therefore we would like to check if your country can in fact be currently considered for distribution. Please send us a respective mail via our international Facebook channel:

My MERIDA bike suffers from a technical problem – and I am not sure about the reason. Who can help me?

At least one thing is for sure: WE cannot help you adequately neither via Facebook nor via our website – because there are countless potential reasons for anomalies regarding your bike. For example, a rattling or “jingling” brake disc might equally result from a real defect in material or just from incorrectly tightened bolts (perhaps even at a completely different part of your bike). In short: A really reliable technology check can only be carried out by your retailer – so please take your bike there for an expert evaluation by competent personnel. The navigation point DEALER SEARCH at the top of guides you to local retailers.

My bike frame is defective – does my product warranty cover a replacement?

Currently, MERIDA bikes are distributed in 77 countries world-wide. For each of them, different legal requirements apply concerning warranty and defects liability. Therefore it is impossible for us to give you a legally binding answer in your specific case. First step in such cases: Please check your user’s manual and your purchase bill/voucher thoroughly – the desired information can normally be found there. If these documents cannot help you on, please contact your retailer who knows to 100 % how you can be helped. The navigation point DEALER SEARCH at the top of guides you to local retailers. By the way: MERIDA is not responsible for warranty cases regarding attached parts/components such as the wheelset, the brakes or the drivetrain. In fact, your MERIDA retailer is the correct contact also in this matter. But please realize that the replacement of the defective part/component is arranged via the particular manufacturer resp. distributor.

I would like to install a suspension fork with larger travel at the front of my MTB – is that possible?

Basically: Yes. Counterquestion: Do you really want to do this – and why? Please remember: Due to the altered geometry, more suspension travel at the front does not only provide benefits. On the one hand, the steering angle gets flatter while on the other the bottom bracket is moved upwards– the result is a less agile bike. Perhaps you do want this plus in terms of running smoothness and tracking stability. But if you e. g. want to reach XC podium ranks on a racing rocket like our BIG.SEVEN, you will rather favour maximal agility instead. You can be sure: Year after year, our R&D engineers put maximal effort in creating bikes whose geometry and kinematics are designed perfectly down to the very last detail. So please let them enjoy their fun and better realize more suspension travel by changing to a new MERIDA bike model which matches your demands to 100 %.

Where can I get your current product catalogue?

If the online version here is not sufficient, please feel free to ask your retailer about a copy of our print catalogue. The navigation point DEALER SEARCH at the top of guides you to a list of local MERIDA retailers.

Is there a bike archive for the past model years?

Yes, there is: Click on - Service and find all bikes of the past three model years – as single PDFs or in form of complete catalogues. Have fun browsing!

I am looking for merchandising material such as stickers, posters, shirts or biros. Do you offer such items?

Of course we do! But: WE cannot send it directly to you – also in this case, we completely trust in our authorized retail partners. So please visit your MERIDA store around the corner: The crew there will be happy to supply you with cool items. The navigation point DEALER SEARCH at the top of guides you to a nearby MERIDA retailer in your area.